How to Upload Files/Upload Option Using Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms allows form owners and users to incorporate images and visual aids within the forms. You will find that some questions may need you to upload an additional file containing supporting data from your respondents. how-to-upload-files-upload-option-using-microsoft-forms

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How to Upload Files/Upload Option Using Microsoft Forms

Some of your form questions may ask respondents to upload or attach files to their responses. You may include a question type that enables file uploads in your form.

  • Step 1: Open and Select a Form

    You will need to access the forms online, whether on your preferred web browser and enter your school or business credentials to be brought to your Forms portal. Scroll through your list of forms and select the one you would want to incorporate an option on file uploads.

  • Step 2: Open ‘More Question Types’

    Regardless if you made a brand new form or selected an existing one, you may need to create a new question through the “Add New” button. Proceed to select the “More Question Types” or the chevron symbol on the rightmost side, where you can locate the “File upload” option.


  • Step 3: Add Question

    Write the text you want to see answered and replied to in the question box. Alternatively, an instruction to relate the purpose as to why you need respondents to upload specific documents.


  • Step 4: Set File Limitations

    To restrict the number of files that may be posted to the question, use the File number limit drop-down list. You should also set the single file size limit drop-down list to specify the maximum file size you will accept for each question. If you intend to make this question mandatory, toggle the Required option.


  • Step 5: Access “More Settings for Question”

    Click the “More settings for question” button to select one or both of the following options: Subtitle will add a lower text to your question otherwise you could also select which file formats are allowed to be uploaded.



Which web browsers work with Forms?

Microsoft Forms is designed to work with Microsoft Edge as well as the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Chrome on Android, and Safari on iOS.

Why don’t I have the File upload option in Microsoft Forms?

When a form is configured to “Share with Anyone,” the File upload option is disabled and the recommended option to make it available is to set the configuration internally or with persons within your business.

Can you upload pictures into Microsoft Forms?

Yes, simply go to the right side of the question, click the “Insert Media” button or the image symbol then select Image from the “Insert Media” window.

Can I import a PDF into Microsoft Forms?

It is not possible to import Word or PDF documents into Forms which requires you must construct the questions manually in Forms.

Can non-Microsoft users use Microsoft Forms?

Forms can be made available to individuals outside of your business who do not have a Microsoft 365 account.