How to use Stack Cards in Microsoft Sway?

Unlike other softwares available in the market, Microsoft Sway already has a built-in set of layouts that you can change anytime. Moreover, Sway also offers the second type found in the Group Cards category which is the “Stack Group Cards”.

How to use Stack Cards in Microsoft Sway?

In order to effectively use the “Stack Group Cards”, you will have to follow certain steps.

  • Step 1: Create a new Sway Presentation

    0a2b395d31732f993c20f1ea299586e16cd61c6cMake a new Sway presentation by clicking “Create New” in the Sway homepage.

  • Step 2: Click “+” to Stack

    67c911da520873e62a3d175cbd9804219475c8acOnce you have landed on your “Storyline” canvas, immediately click your “+” located underneath your “Title” card. From this, click “Group” and proceed to “Stack”.

  • Step 3: Start Stacking

    ea92d27b674870e44b8c943fe0ba704f8b1ed3aeWhen you already have your “Stack” group ready, click “Content” too choose from the three options: “Text”, “Image,” and “Upload”.

  • Step 4: The “Text” Option

    0954684119e0b2a31e591ff40d410fd5551153e7If you have chosen the “Text” option, you can simply add your text.

  • Step 5: The “Image” Option

    d4a4be842be315f93b5fbd080f53400180383391If you have chosen the “Image” option, you can drag pictures out from the “Suggested” pane and place them into your group.

  • Step 6: The “Upload” Option

    d0aa2d0228930778d44f71311998b0ceeb0f5d70If you have chosen the “Upload” option, you can choose any file from your device and insert it in your group as well.

  • note-iconNote

    You can use all of the three aforementioned options and put all of these in one “Stack” group. This feature is available in both online and offline versions of Microsoft Sway.

  • Step 7: You Can Always Add Another “Stack” Group

    1b4e1fdb8a9bce84d809ffd0a99087c353c0fa43Adding another “Stack” Group can be done even after making previous “Stack” Groups. Moreover, the contents that you can put in each group is endless, further making your Microsoft Sway outputs more organized.


How to Stack Group Cards in Microsoft Sway?

You can stack “Group” cards in Microsoft Sway by simply clicking the “+” button after every group.

Can I put Multiple Pictures on Sway?

You can definitely put multiple pictures on Sway just by dragging and inserting recommended pictures into your “Storyline”.

How Many Group Card Types Can We Use in Microsoft Sway?

There are 5 “Group” card types found in Microsoft Sway.

How to make a Group Stack Card in Microsoft Sway?

You can create a “Group Stack Card” in Microsoft Sway by clicking the “+” button underneath a regular card and proceed to “Group” to further tap “Stack”.

Is Group and Grid the Same in Microsoft Sway?

No. “Group” is a kind of Sway card containing different kinds of content, meanwhile “Grid” is a kind of feature used in collecting images.