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There is a difference in what people can do. Some people are average at performing a particular project task list while others may greatly excel easily. There is nothing wrong with failing, but there is something wrong with giving up right away. There is a high tendency for people that work extremely hard to become their best and meet their fullest potential. And as for those who are already great, they try to maintain their skill analysis so not to disappoint the people who look to them for results or even inspiration. And when doing so, people seek the recognition they feel that they deserve for trying to improve or for constantly excelling.

It should be at the will of people in a higher position to not let the efforts of those who are under them go unnoticed. There are program templates that do such a thing, in which people are recognized for their efforts to become the best. One way to celebrate these individuals is through a certificate of merit award. If your workplace does not have this program, then perhaps it is time to implement it. Here is a list of certificates you can use for this award.

Certificate of Appreciation Template


Certificate of Appreciation Sample


What is a Certificate of Merit?

A certificate of merit is an award certificate that is given to an individual who is excellent and good at what they do and is a deserving candidate due to the effort contributions he or she has made. The certificate of merit is most common in schools or corporate settings, as this is where most individuals perform their best in order to succeed not only in life but to their own very eyes.

A certificate of merit is an integral part of a work agenda because it validates not only the work of an individual but the individual as a person as well. It is in the very nature of each human beings to seek and yearn for recognition and appreciation especially after having done something they are proud of. That being said, a certificate of merit is an ideal medium as it truly validates the efforts of individuals and recognizes the ones deserving for their unwavering dedication to work.

The certificate of merit also does more than recognize and validate efforts, as it is a medium that is powerful enough to motivate others to do so as well.  These awards motivate employee to better and encourage top performers to stay on top. It is an effective tool for both motivating and encouraging people. There is almost a force that surrounds a certificate of merit that prompts its recipients or anyone that is a witness to keep going and doing more.

With the assurance of a certificate of merit, people will find ways to become more productive. This will not only benefit them but also the company or environment in the long run. This award template also works as a morale booster for everyone else who didn’t win it. The more individuals know their efforts are being valued, the more eager they are to work.

Sample Certificate of Appreciation


Certificate of Merit Template


Certificates of Merit for Work and School

Certificates of merit are usually present in environments that make individuals challenge themselves for the better. They are commonly seen in an academic report and corporate setting. Let’s expound on how they are used in these settings.

In school

A certificate of merit is common in high schools and universities templates especially for students in their senior year. They are commonly given the award if they had done something of great magnitude in terms of contributing to their community. But the award is not limited to just the contributions of students, the teachers may also be awarded. As in the essence of the word “merit” itself, those who have excelled and have done good in their academics; which is an act of appreciation towards the student or the teacher for their diligence in excelling.

In work

Certificate of merits is also present in the corporate setting, where there are employees and there are bosses. Taking into account the number of individuals that are employed in the corporate world, there is an inevitability that some will strive to be better. In the end, some will perform better than others. This is also due to the fact that some individuals work overtime harder than most.

Their efforts are paid not only through salary but are given their due recognition award and validation as well. It is important for bosses to recognize the amount of work being done and to honor the individuals that did the work. When their work is validated, bosses are also validating their workers as individuals. Knowing how competitive some can be in a corporate setting, the recognition and honor that is given through the certificate of merit. This can be used as a motivator for others to strive for the award as well.

Minimalist Certificate of Merit Example


Simple Certificate Bundle 50


Importance of a Certificate of Merit

The certificate of merit, as any certificate that values the work of individuals, is an important ordeal be it in an academic or corporate setting. Its importance should never be undervalued as it has the capacity to affect the life of an individual or business timeline as a whole.

A certificate of merit, has been said, can help motivate or encourage people to do even better than what they are accustomed to since it recognizes and values their efforts. The certificate of merit also serves as an appreciative gesture from those in higher positions to their excellent employees.  The effect of a certificate of merit helps both the individual receiving it and the business itself. You may also see Printable Certificate Template.

Certificate Templates


Multipurpose Certificate GD017


Where can you get your very own certificate of merit?

There are different ways as to how you can acquire a certificate of merit, but the most ideal is through buying one online that is pre-made and readily available. Here are the various reasons why a custom certificate is a better option rather than to have one made:

1. It does not cost a lot

Pre-made certificates cost a lot less than most other options, simply because it does not require much of the labor from the graphics artist. They make a design that they think might attract customers or just designs they feel like making. Wanting a particular type of design ma need a number of consultations and back and forth processes which, in turn, makes the fee for the graphics artist to go too high.

2. It is versatile

Pre-made certificates are designed in such a way for them to work for any kind of purpose. When designed correctly, they can be used for different types of situations. You can use it for different workshops certificate, for awards certficate, and even as diploma-type certificates.

3. They come in many different designs

Pre-made certificates, although they are pre-made, come in various designs that can potentially catch anyone’s attention. There are simple and minimalist designs for those who prefer a more polished and streamlined certificate, there are printed designs who likes the idea of a fun certificate, and there are even artful and graphic designs for those who like to embrace modernity for their certificates.

4. They are easy to edit and customize

These pre-made certificates are saved in a file that is easy to edit and customize, allowing you to do it on your own certificate. Certificates that are readily available online can also be customized to your preference depending on how you like your certificate to look like.  This allows you to create a more free certificate design in the process. They also come with smart object layers making it easy to move around elements in the design; these files are fully editable from fonts to texts, to colors and sizes, to logo design and so on.

Certificate Template | Vol. 05


Easy Simple Multipurpose Certificate GD049


5. They come in two options

One of the pre-made certificate’s pros is that they come in two different options, which are the landscape and the portrait option. Either will make your certificate unique and stand out from the rest of the recognition certificates out there.

Hard work should be acknowledged even in the simplest form. It is important to say thank you to employees and students who have been working hard. A better way to say thank you is by giving them an award. This acknowledges the work of a person in a tangible way. Those who work hard in what they do become excellent, and by giving out a certificate of merit, you honor that hard work. Moreover, the best way to obtain a certificate of merit is by buying one online that is pre-made and readily available for reasons that are practical and efficient. You may also see Certificate of Authenticity.

If you found this article helpful and have answered maybe some of your questions about the certificate of merit, then bookmark this page for future references. Also, do not forget to share this with other people seeking for the best certificate of merit designs and templates.

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