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A letter of intent can be described as an interim agreement which jots down the major points of a contract that would be signed shortly. It might not mean some definitive contract yet implies a sincere interest that a final agreement would be made soon. There are letter of intent templates to help you in drafting a LOI with their pre-structured & customized format which relieves you from structuring the full letter of intent from scratch.

Letter Template of Intent for Employment


Letter Template of Intent for College


Letter Template of Intent for Real Estate


Letter Template of Intent for Purchase


Free Letter Template of Intent for School


Free Letter Template of Intent for Business


Letter Template of Intent for Job


> Free Letter of Intent Template


A free letter of intent template is a great help when you are looking for ideas on how to draft a proper LOI. These templates come up with a pre-structured draft and you can choose from purchase LOI, real estate LOI and so on-you would simply have to download your chosen template and modify it according to your needed data. [15+ Free Letter of Intent Templates]

> Simple Letter of Intent


A simple letter of intent states information about the parties about to sign an official deal. The letter also includes brief about the proposed deal and if it’s a purchase LOI, the price of the product would be mentioned as well. There are simple letter of intent templates that will help you to draft a standard LOI on a readymade format. [9+ Simple Letter of Intent Templates]

> Letter of Intent for a Job


A letter of intent for a job is akin to the cover letter sent with the resume. A letter of intent for a job template will direct you on what to include in the letter such as- your qualifications, skills, experience and the reason behind choosing the particular company for employment.  [10+ Letter of Intent for a Job Templates]

> National Letter of Intent


All the student-athletes looking forward to attain admission in the NCAA colleges & universities in the United States must sign a National Letter of Intent. The National letter of intent templates come up with a readymade declaration that the student would receive aid from the institution for one full academic year. [8+ National Letter Of Intent Templates]

> School Letter of Intent


The school letter of intent would be necessary when one is about to apply for admission in a grad school. It plays an important role in your selection in the grad school and the school letter of intent templates offer an idea on how to write such a LOI. You have to mention the reason behind choosing the school & your course. [8+ School Letter Of Intent Templates]

> Purchase Letter of Intent


A purchase letter of intent is all about a proposed purchase deal. There are purchase letter of intent templates which come with customizable information on the buyer and seller, the thing to be purchased and the purchase price. Whether it’s about a real estate purchase or purchase of a company, there are purchase LOI templates for all. [11+ Purchase Letter Of Intent Templates]

> Real Estate Letter of Intent


A real estate letter of intent conveys the interim agreement that is to be made before a final real estate transaction deal. It could about a home sale or a lease agreement. Added to information on the two parties and subject of the deal, the real estate letter of intent templates also include an expiration date of the letter. [10+ Real Estate Letter Of Intent Templates]

> Business Letter of Intent


A business letter of intent is drafted prior to the formation of a business contract and proposes that the parties involved in the deal are genuinely interested in the transaction. You will find business letter of intent templates whether you are about to buy a company or planning a merger with another company or willing to do business with another company. [10+ Business Letter Of Intent Templates]

> Employment Letter of Intent


An employment letter of intent comes up with highlights on the employee and is sent along with his resume. Such a letter of intent templates highlight on your qualification and talent and is written in such a way so that you can stand out in the crowd before your hiring manager. [10+ Employment Letter Of Intent Templates]

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