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A termination letter template is a blank copy of the termination letter. It is used by organizations to create a termination letter should it be required. The personnel manager simply fills the necessary details into the template before dispatching it to the employee for action. The employee signs it and sends it back. There are many termination letter templates online. Most of them are available for free download. Download a free piece today and use it as a guide to write a letter of your own.

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> Free Termination Letter

Free Business Contract Termination Letter Template
Sample Contract Termination Letter Due to Poor
Sample Employee Termination Letter for Attendance

Free termination letter is a customizable copy of the termination letter that an organization can use when need arises. A sample is readily available on the internet for downloading. When there is need to fire an employee, the hiring manager fills in the necessary details and sends it to the affected employee. [20+ Free Termination Letter Templates]

> Rental Termination Letter

Editable 30 Day Rental Termination Letter Template
Office Rental Termination Letter Template
Sample Early Lease Termination Letter Template

There are many reasons why you would want to move out of your current apartment. Whatever the reason, you need to write a rental termination letter and sent it to the landlord. The letter needs to be simple. It should focus on two main things: why you intend to move out and the date you will move out. [12+ Rental Termination Letter Templates]

> Patient Termination Letter

Patient Notification of Contract Termination Letter
Sample Letter to Patient Regarding Medicare
Sample Patient Termination Discharge Letter Template

Patient termination letters are commonly written around healthcare settings. The letters can be prepared by doctors; a nurse can also prepare the letter under the instructions of a practicing doctor. This is the letter used to discharge a patient from the hospital, it often indicates the reasons for the termination. [9+ Patient Termination Letter Templates]

> Partnership Termination Letter

Affidavit of Domestic Partnership Letter Template
Sample Partner Termination Letter Template Word
Termination Letter of Collaborative Partnerships Sample

A partnership termination letter is a formal request by one partner to the partnership requesting for the dissolution of the partnership. It states the reasons for the intended closure of the partnership. It is written when one or partners feel that the partnership has achieved its objective, or it is facing other challenges, which it cannot survive. [10+ Partnership Termination Letter Templates]

> Daycare Termination Letter

2 Week Child DayCare Termination Notice
Download Two Day Care Parent’s Letter of Termination
Sample DayCare Service Termination Letter Template

A daycare termination letter is written by parents who wish to withdraw their children from daycare centers. It indicates the parent’s wish to end the contract earlier entered with the daycare manager. The letter states the reasons for the need to end the contract. It is written in a formal tone. [11+ Daycare Termination Letter Templates]

> Employee Termination Letter

Free Termination of Employment Letter Template
Sample Employee Termination Letter with Notice
Sample Employment Termination Agreement Template

For one reason or another, an organization may need to fire its employees. This is done by writing an employee termination letter. It is written by the employer to the employee, and its states clearly the reasons for terminating the job. Upon reception of the letter, the employee signs and returns it to the organization. [12+ Employment Termination Letter Templates]

> Job Termination Letter

Marketing Job Termination Letter Template Free
Response to Job Termination Letter Template
Sample Manager Job Termination Letter Template

A job termination letter is written to employees to inform them that their services are no longer needed by their employer. It states clearly the reasons for the termination of the job. The employee is expected to accept the decision by signing the letter and sending it back to the company. [14+ Job Termination Letter Templates]

> Service Termination Letter

Agreemnt of Food Service Termination Letter Template
How to Write Draft Service Termination
Sample Contract Service Termination Letter Template

This letter is written to clients to inform them that you are no longer willing to offer them services. It states clearly the factors necessitating the cancellation of services. A service termination letter gives a formal notice to the clients so that they can make the necessary adjustments by considering another service provider. [13+ Service Termination Letter Templates]

> Lease Termination Letter

Lease Termination Letter to Landlord Sample Free
Lease Termination Letter to Residential Manager
Sample Early Lease Termination Letter from Tenant

A lease termination letter is written to lease parties to inform them that their business arrangements and contracts previously entered are no longer useful. It is a formal request because its aim is to end the property lease relations between the parties concerned. The recipients sign the letter to indicate acceptance. [10+ Lease Termination Letter Templates]

> Termination of Services Letter

Download Business Service Contract Termination Letter Sample
Free Termination of Medical Services Letter Template
Sample Employment Contract Service Termination

A termination of services letter is a formal notice from a person or organization to another person or organization indicating that the service agreement previously entered is no longer valid. The letter highlights the factors informing their decision to cancel the service contract previously entered. The recipient is then at will to hire another service provider. [11+ Termination of Services Letter Templates]

> Contract Termination Letter

Editable Blank Termination Letter to the Contractor
Free Contract Termination Letter Without Cause
Printable Business Contract Termination Letter Template

A contract termination letter is written by a contract holder to other members of the contract or organization as notice that the agreement is being terminated. It is a formal declaration of the intention to end business relations with the other party that you are currently in agreement with. [12+ Contract Termination Letter Templates]

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