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Top 20 Reasons to Quit Your Job in 2018

I bet that almost everyone of us have come to a point when we just want to leave our job for good. There are even times when no matter how you tried to make things work out, you feel like your job is not working out for you. Then, it is the perfect time to resign from your job.

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If you are thinking about quitting your job for good, the best way to do it is to organize a resignation letter and address it to your employer.

20 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job in 2018

The year 2018 is not just another chapter in your life, but your career as well. The global economy hasn’t made any great progress in the past years, and so is your career. If you think that you haven’t experience any big, positive career opportunity, then isn’t it the perfect time to quit your job and look for something that offers a greener pasture? Take 2018 as a wake-up call and be not afraid to quit your job and explore new things!

Here are the top 20 reasons why employees leave their job:

  • Robots are taking over.
  • You’re not learning new things anymore.
  • Your personal values no longer matches with your company.
  • You get no recognition or awards despite working hard.
  • You simply lost motivation to continue working in your company.
  • You don’t earn the salary you deserve.
  • You are no longer happy with your job, the company, and the people around you.
  • You think that you are meant to do something else other than your job.
  • You are no longer challenged with your duties and responsibilities.
  • You feel that your job doesn’t have any positive impact in your life.
  • You are bored.
  • You don’t remember the last time you’re truly happy with your job.
  • Your job isn’t only affecting your physical, but also mentally.
  • You think that there is something out there that is perfect for you.
  • You are starting to hate your job routine.
  • You are oozing with negativity.
  • You don’t feel supported by your team heads.
  • There seems to be no room for growth.
  • You are forced to do things other than your task.
  • Your company does not value your presence and contributions.

Whatever it is, it is acceptable to resign from a job for personal reasons. However, you must do it gracefully and with respect. So before you decide to write a Resignation Letter, why not check out our professionally crafted templates of Free Resignation Letters?

Resignation Dos and Don’ts

While your employer cannot stop you from leaving (especially when your heart are set on this change), a certain level of courtesy is still needed so as not to leave your work in a bad light. Here we share to you expert dos and don’ts when resigning from your company:

  • Do inform your boss about your decision to leave personally and have your resignation letter ready.
  • Do be mature and professional when writing your resignation.
  • Do continue carrying out your duties and responsibilities just as you had before filing a resignation.
  • Do give positive feedback in your exit interview
  • Do be helpful to the person who will be filling in your position.
  • Don’t bad-mouth your boss, colleagues, or the company in social media. You will never know who you will run into in the future.
  • Don’t venting your frustrations in your resignation letter
  • Don’t break your company’s confidentiality agreement; otherwise, you may find yourself in serious trouble.
  • Don’t forget basic work ethics (and basic human decency) after handing your resignation letter.

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