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How to Professionally Resign a Job for Personal Reasons?

Resigning from a job for personal reasons may be informal and unprofessional, if not stated in an appropriate manner. However, there will be instances where this is possible and the employee who will resign has no control over the situation. There are various personal reasons which may be stated in a job resignation letter.

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If you are wondering if it is okay to cite personal reasons as your actual reasons for leaving a job, the answer would probably be yes. Again, it all depends on how you will create or formulate your means to state information regarding this matter. Whether you will hand a resignation letter physically or you will use email resignation letters, it is very essential for you to use a template that will guide you in creating this particular resignation document.

How to Organize a Resignation Letter

There are different tips to organize a resignation letter, but as long as you stay professional, you can’t go wrong. A few of these guidelines are as follows:

  • Use a template to guide you in creating your resignation letter
  • Create a draft or an outline of the things that you want to state in your resignation document
  • Be mindful of the items that you will discuss and assure that they are all related to your resignation and the processes that you will do
  • Properly format your resignation letter to make it look as a formal document

Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter for Personal Reasons

A few suggestions that you may follow in creating a corporate resignation letter that contains personal reasons as the main factor for your resignation decision are as follows:

  • Even if you are resigning for a personal reason, it is still essential for you to relay it in a business-like manner. Use words that are formal and appropriate to be used in a corporate transaction.
  • For the company management to understand you even more, make sure that you will tell them the exact personal reason that led your decision to resign. Just stating that the reason is personal may not be enough to validate your resignation stand.
  • However, be precise and direct to the point. Again, it is okay if you will state that your resignation is due to personal reasons.

Personal Reasons for Resignation

A few samples of personal reasons that you may use for your resignation are as follows:

  • The employee would like to have growth in other areas of his or her personal life
  • A family member of the employee needs medical care and attention
  • The employee will relocate and it will not be possible for him or her to go to the location of the business on a daily basis
  • The employee needs to attend to his or her health
  • An employee wants to have more personal time to think of his or her career undertakings

Common Mistakes in Creating Resignation Letters

In writing resignation letter template, here are a few items that you should be reminded not to do:

  • Do not make the conversation informal.
  • It is all right to state an appreciation message for the opportunities that the company has given you. However, do not fill most of the resignation letter layout with information regarding this matter. Using a sentence or two will already be good.
  • Do not make it sound like the company and its management is to blame for your resignation. Remember that you will use the company as a reference for your next job undertaking.

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