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A baby is a bundle of joy that makes families and friends alike excited for the coming of a new life. By tradition, a baby shower is held for the pregnant mother to celebrate the upcoming delivery of the baby. The parents of the child itself can throw their own party, though.

If you are planning to host a baby shower soon, make sure that you have everything planned out from the location to the food you will be serving to guests. Share with them what you are preparing through a menu card. You can look for Menu Templates for samples to follow.

Baby Shower Menu

Baby Shower Menu

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Menu Planning and Considerations to Take

The idea of creating a menu seems trivial, but there are certain factors you actually have to think of—the dos and don’ts, the content, and anything related to those. With that, here are some tips to remember when creating a menu for baby showers. Keep these in mind to host the best baby shower anyone has ever been to.

  • Check the final headcount to have the right amount of food served on the table. You won’t want to run low on food for guests while the party is still ongoing. Send out RSVPs and see who has confirmed and who didn’t. A big part of your preparation is making sure that you have enough food.
  • Opt for food with fewer allergens. You have to be considerate of your guests and to the food they can and cannot eat. To be safe, go for a dish that has low-allergen content. Common allergens include nuts, soy, milk, and eggs.
  • Create different sets for the meals. You have more options when you are coming up with your final meal plan when you have different sets. This gives you a variety of food choices to pick from. Choose the most appropriate one for the guests you will be inviting.
  • Stick to one type of meal. You would want to be certain on what type of meal you would want to serve. The food you will serve will depend on the type of meal you are planning to go for.

You can then list down your final set of dishes on your menu. Look for Free Menu Templates to get started. Have the time of your life during the baby shower and start the celebration for the new bundle of joy with well-prepared food choices during the celebration.

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Don’ts in Menu Preparation

  • Don’t erve alcoholic beverages. Since pregnant women are not allowed to have any alcohol containing drinks, it is ideal not to serve alcohol on the shower at all. You can go for mocktails instead since they are mostly sparkling juice and other nonalcoholic mixes.
  • Don’t overprepare. While it is always good to have extra food on your table, preparing too much is not advisable. Most of the time, baby showers focus more on the activities. Guests need not heavy meals so they can participate more on the activities you prepared.
  • Don’t serve raw fish. On other nights, sushi would sound good but not on a bridal shower. It is considered a dangerous food for pregnant women and can easily spoil too. You can go for fried food in lieu of that or some grilled barbecue that anyone can snack on or eat as a meal in general.
  • Don’t mismatch what you serve. Choose food items that match each other. You would want your guests to enjoy the food more than for them to pick on one dish alone. While you want variety on what they can eat, you should also consider if what you are serving is appropriate.

Additionally, you can look at this Baby Shower Card Templates as well.

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