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12+ Elegant Brunch Menu Templates – PSD, AI

As a country’s population grows, so does its need for more food. This is one of the reasons why restaurants and dining establishments seem to sprout everywhere in cities and other highly urbanized areas. And for these restaurant owners to receive a return on their investments, they need to think of a way to attract more customers. One way to do that is to develop unique menu card designs.

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Brunch Baptism Menu Template

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In this article, we focus on Brunch Printable Menu Templates and how anyone may use them for their own dining places. We also provide 15 examples of different Brunch Menu Templates anyone can use for any occasion.

Brunch Menu Template

The Bijou Brunch Menu Template is an example of a minimalist menu card design. By using only two colors and an uncommon yet formal font style, the designer of this brunch menu card is able to create a clean-looking yet appealing menu. This type of menu card design will work wonders for formal dining restaurants and even simple formal corporate dinners.

To create this look for your own menu card design, use the font styles Din Condensed and Din Alternate coupled with a subtle rendering of your own business logo design. You may also change up the color scheme and the wire patterns found at the bottom of each menu card page. However, the menu’s grey and navy blue color variations may already work well for any brunch event that you do not have to modify it at all.

Breakfast and Brunch Menu

Next on the list is the Breakfast and Brunch Menu Template. This brunch chalkboard menu templates design sports a chalkboard quality owing to the random white erasure marks on top of a black background. This effect can be easily created through image editing tools like Photoshop. However, you may also replicate this at your own restaurants if you have a chalkboard already installed. If done this way, you may only use tiny Breakfast and Brunch Menu Template replicas as menu cards that you can hand over to your customers.

Brunch Banquet Menu Design

Offering breakfast or brunch meals is one of the methods many dining establishments use to attract more customers since most of the working population do not have time to cook their own breakfasts. The Brunch Banquet Menu Design template shown above is an example of a menu card design that can go easily with any kind of restaurant. It is shaped like a rack card template and features a striking color scheme that will certainly turn heads.

To create this look for your own brunch menu template, you may need to take a photo of your own brunch meal offerings and use that photo as the background image of your menu card. When doing this, make sure your background image does not overpower the list of menu items printed on the menu card.

Brunch Food Menu

The Brunch Food Menu template featured above is an example of a graphic brunch menu template. This type of menu design is useful for restaurant owners who prefer to show creative representations of their food offerings through their menu cards. This menu design may work well as a restaurant overhead menu but may not work as well as a handheld menu card. Customers will need to ask for the cost of each item on the menu since this menu card does not explicitly indicate it.

Chalkboard Brunch Menu Template

The Bruncheria Menu template shown above is another example of a menu card that follows a chalkboard design. This type of menu design will fit dining establishments who wish to create a cozy and fun restaurant environment. For those who want to recreate this brunch menu card design look, you may use pre-made chalkboard design templates available online. Or you may draw the menu card by hand or by using a graphics tablet like the Wacom Graphire. If you choose the former approach, you may have to scan the drawing and then edit it on any programs like Photoshop before finally printing out the brunch menu design.

Chalkboard Brunch Menu

Another variation of a brunch menu template is shown through the Chalkboard Brunch Menu Template embedded above. This menu card design is printed in a vertical format and may also work as a flyer or as a rack card design. To recreate this look on your own brunch menu card, you may have to use a photo editing software like Photoshop to transform a regular image into a chalkboard-like design. As with other chalkboard card designs, this menu template will work well when printed on dark cardstock or paper.

Easter Brunch Menu

The Easter Brunch Menu is a unique menu card template design since there are very few dining establishments that offer Easter brunch events. This type of menu card design is helpful for restaurant managers who wish to try out unique brunch offerings but do not know where to start. Easter is a good opportunity to try this out since the holiday offers a unique possibility of dishes to be served and you are guaranteed customers since families will likely go out to celebrate that day.

Granted, this may not be applied to many areas around the world who do not celebrate the Easter holiday. However, this approach may be modified to fit any holiday or custom that your country does celebrate.

Restaurant Brunch Menu

Restaurant Cafe Menu Template

If you are a cafe owner who is looking to spice up your own cafe menu design, you are looking in the right place. Try out the Restaurant Cafe Menu Template pictured above. This menu design features both words and images of different foods that a cafe might offer. Graphic menu cards are also helpful for customers who prefer to see an image of the food that they are ordering.

Retreat Brunch Menu

There are different kinds of retreats. But the most common thread among them is the almost systematic availability (or non-availability, if you are attending a fasting retreat) of food. At this kind of event, meals are usually planned ahead by a catering team or a concessionaire so that the attendees do not have to bother with the cooking and food preparation themselves. Nevertheless, menu cards are still needed so that the attendees will know what they will be eating ahead of time.

The Retreat Brunch Menu design template pictured above is an example of such a menu. If you belong to an organization that is hosting a retreat or even a convention, following the menu card design elements in the example above will certainly help you.

Sunday Brunch Menu

The Sunday Brunch Menu template pictured above works both as a menu card design and as a promotional menu flyer design. The menu design highlights the different brunch food items that the restaurant offers during Sundays using high quality pictures. This menu design may be given away by employees outside your restaurant to attract more customers.

Thanksgiving Brunch Menu

Thanksgiving is a time usually spent with family and/or close friends. Restaurants may take advantage of this holiday and its potential for attracting the family crowd by offering exclusive Thanksgiving meals. The Thanksgiving Brunch Menu template embedded above is an example of how a restaurant may prepare their own brunch menu. And depending on your restaurant’s specialty, you may have to make some modifications on the menu template itself.

Vintage Breakfast Menu Template

The Vintage Breakfast and Brunch Menu Template is an example of a menu design that showcases the psychology of a good menu design. In this vintage menu design, you can see that it incorporates both small illustrations and clear headings of each menu offering with its corresponding description and price. If you put yourself in the shoes of a customer reading this menu card, you will it easy to understand.

By creating good menu designs like this, customers will not feel impatient by having to ask for the price of a specific meal or feel anxious not knowing what the meal’s price is. This menu design will also help in increasing customer turnaround since they are able to order right away using a menu card that already informs them of everything.

Choosing between different brunch party menu designs will largely depend on the type of dining establishment you are running. For instance, if you are running a local diner, you may have to use easy-to-read and cozy-looking brunch menu cards. But if you are running a fine dining restaurant that happens to offer brunch meals, you may have to create a formal menu card design. Just stay true to your business’ brand image and you will not go wrong.

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