8+ Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Templates


Any restaurateur knows how imperative it is to craft a menu design which the patrons will find appealing and easy to browse. One of the best designs out there is the chalkboard menu design. A chalkboard menu is widely used because of its quirky and lighthearted touch, making the customers relax easily inside the restaurant.

There are plenty of designs out there, and in order to save on costs, it is advisable that you create your own menu. For your convenience, here we offer you a collection of  Chalkboard Menu Templates. Feel free to browse and select the design which suits your restaurant’s needs.

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Chalkboard Restaurant Wedding Menu Template

chalkboard restaurant wedding menu template Download

Chalkboard Restaurant Cocktail Menu Template

chalkboard restaurant cocktail menu template Download

Chalkboard Restaurant Lunch Menu Design

modern chalkboard restaurant menu design Download

Chalkboard Restaurant Cafe Menu Design

chalkboard restaurant cafe menu design Download

Vintage Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Template

vintage chalkboard restaurant menu template1 Download

Chalkboard BBQ Restaurant Menu Design

chalkboard bbq restaurant menu design Download

Chalkboard Restaurant Dinner Menu Design

chalkboard restaurant dinner menu design Download

Free Printable Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Template

free printable chalkboard restaurant menu template Download

Why Chalkboard Menu

Chalkboard menus were first associated with tiny countryside diners and pubs which often serve fresh catch, meat, poultry, and farm-grown vegetables. A kind of positive gastronomic association has formed around the image of chalkboard menus. It is often associated with fresh food, a chill and laid-back ambience, and paired with the inexplicable feeling of familiarity one feels at the thought of eating meals which reminds one of home or of any comforting memory of food.

On another note, this design is immensely helpful to your business’s success. Our chalkboard restaurant menu templates can help your restaurant business by

  • enhancing your customers dining experience with its visual appearance;
  • serving as an advertising or branding tool, which will help your customers remember your restaurant and its logo while associating such memory to a positive and satisfying experience while dining at your restaurant; and
  • stimulating your customer’s appetite, which means they are more inclined to order more food and beverages from your menu.

As mentioned, a good menu design plays a gigantic role in the success of any restaurant business. And if you are on your way to creating your own menu, then you might want to use our collection of chalkboard menu templates.

Want more menu design ideas? Why don’t you check our our bigger collection of Restaurant Menu Templates. Simply click on the link provided.

Modern Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Design

modern chalkboard restaurant menu design1 Download

Craft Your Own

Like all branding strategies for your restaurant, tailoring a menu layout which will suit your restaurant is a difficult task. If you are having a hard time in creating your menu, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Choose a basic menu layout. In choosing a layout you need to make the following considerations first:
    • Select a color scheme which matches the color scheme of your restaurant’s interior.
    • Select a layout that is bereft of any complexity since you are still on the first step of designing. You can add more intricate designs later on when you are on the last stages of designing.
  2. Divide your menu in a logical order. Normally, menus are categorized according to type of food such as appetizer, main course, dessert, salads, soups, and beverages. This is the most common way of organizing food items. There are, however, various ways you can choose to divide your menu’s subsections like the method of cooking, the type of cuisine, and the popularity of the dishes.
  3. List the food items and prices. Avoid complicated fonts. You want your customers to be able to choose efficiently, and one way to ensure this is to make reading the food items easy for them. Furthermore, avoid placing the currency as these are associated with negative thoughts such as the agony of having to spend money on food items instead of saving it. You want your customers to be more encouraged to spend their money on your carefully prepared meals and drinks.
  4. Proofread before you print. Ask someone who is not affiliated with your restaurant business to designers your designers couldn’t. Prospective customers are the best judges of how a good menu should look and feel like.

Now that you’ve learned the ropes of menu designing, you might also be interested in learning from our gallery of Dinner Menu Templates.

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