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  • Can you register a vehicle with a certificate of destruction?

      A vehicle with a certificate of destruction can never be registered again in some states. A lot of insurance companies will not let a car be used again in the road, even if the car is still in good fine to use. This is their strategy to avoid any liability in case if the vehicle met another accident in the future. But, some states allow owners to register their rebuilt cars and let the owner of the vehicle get a salvage title. 

  • How do you get rid of old cars?

      1. Donate it.
      2. Junk it.
      3. Sell it.
      4. Trade it.
      5. Give it.
  • What happens to your scrapped car?

      Damaged and old cars are no longer safe to be on the road anymore. That's why there's an industry called vehicle dismantling that will take care of your scrapped car. They will recycle some of your car parts and dispose of the hazardous parts.

  • Can you reverse a junk title?

      Yes and no, depending on which state you are. If your state approves it, you should make sure that your car is professionally repaired and has to pass inspection. 

  • What are junk and salvage?

      Junk means that a vehicle is no longer useful. A vehicle that can never be repaired, no matter how much anyone tries, is called junk. On the opposite, the salvage title of a vehicle means that it has been damaged, but you can still use it (in some states).