What Is an Excellence Certificate?

An excellence certificate is a document presented to an employee, a student, or anyone who showed great performance in a specific task or program. Excellence certificates, also known as honor and appreciation certificates, are handed out to recognize the efforts and exemplary works of an individual. Some award-giving bodies give job promotions, cash gifts, medals, trophies, and other rewards that serve as a bonus gift for their perseverance and excellence.

How to Make an Excellence Certificate?

excellence certificate template

As stated in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, one of the five basic human needs is getting a sense of self-esteem and desire for reputation or respect from others. According to Simply Psychology, Maslow indicated that the need for respect or reputation is most important for people of all ages and precedes real self-esteem or dignity.

People strive hard to achieve their end goals, and it's only fitting that they receive recognition, praise, and appreciation. Whether it's for professional or academic purposes, giving excellence certificates is one way of motivating and boosting the self-esteem of certain individuals.

1. Choose an Appropriate Layout

You must carefully decide on the layout, orientation, and size of the certificate. Are you going to have it in landscape or portrait orientation? An ideal certificate is 8.5 x 11 inches in size. The layout of the certificate must be utilized well so that every text and detail will be placed accordingly.

2. Pick out the Best Font Style

The classic certificate uses cursive fonts and designs to indicate honor and prestige. However, you are not limited to what's available on the market, choose your own font style, just make sure it coincides with the occasion and nature of the recognition ceremony. You can always use plain text to create a more professional and modern certificate.

3. Write the Content and Citation

After you have decided on the orientation and the font style, write down the overall content and citations of the sample certificate. Certificate wording follows certain guidelines, search up for reliable sources and examples to guide through the writing. Take note that the certificate must mention the reason why the due recognition is granted to the awardee. Include the dates and places of the awarding ceremony. Leave ample spacing for each line to avoid overcrowding of content.

4. Place the Name of the Awardee

Write in the names of the awardees who shall receive the excellence certificate. Place the correct titles and designations of these people. Always see to it that the names are spelled correctly. In addition, you also have to place in the names of the people or the organization who determined the award of distinction.

5. Fit the Design According to the Nature of the Award

Add in graphic design elements that connect to the nature of the recognition. If the certificate will be handed to preschoolers, place playful and colorful elements, and if will be degree holders, keep the overall layout clean and professional.

6. Place a Section for the Signatories

At the bottom part of the printable certificate, place blank spaces for the signatories. Excellence certificates need to be signed to have proof of legitimacy and concreteness.

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