Cheers blasting through the megaphones. Splits and stunts are exciting the crowd — the voice of the cheer coach ringing through the arena. The cheerleading competition is nearing its end. And now it's the time for the awards. Are your certificates ready? Well, if they aren't, don't worry, we've got you covered! Here at, our ready-made Cheerleading Certification Templates is here to assist you in rewarding the best individuals in the field of cheerleading. Every template is editable, printable, and 100% customizable. It can be downloaded using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, MS Word, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, and MS Publisher. Hurry and avail our Cheerleading Certificates by subscribing now! 

What Is Cheerleading Certificate?

A cheerleading certificate is an award given to both individual squad members or the whole team to reward them of their participation and achievement certificate.

How to Make a Cheerleading Certificate?

Without cheerleaders, watching sports can never be as enthusiastic as when we hear the encouraging yells of uniformed-clad individuals who wave their pom-poms around and perform awe-inspiring stunts. To give them a certificate that they will surely treasure, you need to be creative and artistic. Not to mention, you will also need a template, lots of ideas, and a few guidelines which could help you create a winning certificate:

1. What's Your Cheerleading Event?

Before you decide what kind of certificate you are going to produce, you should know firsthand what type of activity will be hosted for the team. There are many kinds of activities for them, and it is not limited to training and competitions. Before you make a sample plan about designs and colors and whatnots, plan for the activity ahead, and from there, you can create an idea by using the motif of the whole event.

2. List Down Your Awards and Awardees

If you did the first part already, it is time for you to do the next task: listing awards. Write down all the awards intended to be given on the day of the event. You could include Cheerleader of the Year award for the best cheerleader in every division: middle school, high school, or college. There's also the Best Cheers and Chants award, Best Overall Cheer Dance, Personality Award, and the Outstanding Leader Award, to name a few. If it is for training, then a completion certificate will suffice as well. Jot down as well the criteria for the event for every award.

3. Search for a Template

With all the abovementioned things accomplished, its time to set your plans in motion. If you want to cut costs, you can start designing that certificate by downloading an editing software. However, it might be better to present a professionally-designed certificate that fits the event, so the best choice would be to download a template online that works best for you.

4. Design Your Certificate

Because this is such a joyous event, you might think that using a lot of colors will work, it won't. Minimize using too many color schemes and stick to just one or two tones. Arrange your layout so that everything will seem readable: names, the title of the award, signatories, and dates. Do not forget to include your brand on the printable certificate. You can add photos but make sure it is fit to be there.

5. Print and Distribute the Award

After giving the finishing touch to your certificate, it's time to print them. Use high-quality materials for your certificate. Distribute them to the winners accordingly.

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