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What Is a Campaign Flyer?

A campaign flyer is a document that urges people to take action on a social matter or vote for a particular candidate during elections. These flyers are filled with a call to action for the betterment of society.

How to Create a Campaign Flyer

Campaigning for a cause, social matter, or a political candidate comes in various ways. But the easiest and most handy of all forms of advertising is a flyer. Flyers have the power to educate and change the mind of the readers during campaigns and engage with a huge audience.

If you need some tips on making a campaign flyer, read the list below.

1. Decide on the Size

Flyers cover up the whole front page, but the content that you have to make depends on its size. Choose a good size for the flyer. Some commonly used sizes are half sheet (5.5 by 8.5 inches), standard (8.5 by 11 inches), and large (11 by 17 inches).

2. Do Research

You should have a clear idea of the message of your flyer. Do some research about the candidate or your cause. This gives you an idea on the flyer's message. Create an outline of possible angles of your message. Use short sentences as much as possible.

3. Attach Photos

Be creative in amplifying your candidate's reputation and platform. Use the best photos for your campaign. Make sure that it aligns with your message and cause. Apply the best graphic design and colors to your template to make it attention-worthy.

4. Tell a Story

You don't have to write a long one. Just get the attention of the readers with a few words. Create a list of possible taglines for your campaign. Even if it's for an event or a political candidate, you should know how to evoke the emotions of the readers through words.

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