The success of the company's daily and overall operations lies in the hands of the general manager. The general manager is responsible for overseeing business activities, improving business functions, managing budgets, and other administrative responsibilities. If you have what it takes to fill in such an important role, you should use our well-written General Manager Cover Letter Templates to set a good tone for your application. These templates are easily customizable and available in various formats. These templates are also complete with written content that you can tweak to incorporate your information. Save time without sacrificing the overall quality of your cover letter by downloading our templates today!

How to Write a General Manager Cover Letter

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as one of the top executives in a company, the median pay for general managers is $104,980 per year. Although it is a high-paying job, it requires more than the basic managerial skills. A general manager needs to have a lengthy and wide managerial experience, whether as a project manager, account manager, office manager, or assistant manager.

Secure the success of your job application with the help of these cover letter writing tips below.

1. Don't Restate Your Resume

Restating the entirety of your resume in your cover letter is lazy and dull. You need to identify the key points in your resume and draw attention to them in your cover letter. Set yourself apart from other candidates by incorporating the company's mission and goals in your content.

2. Tailor the Content to the Employer's Needs

Aside from what's written in the job description, you should also include details that support the company's goals and targets. Do your research to ensure you tailor your resume to the needs of the company. Your research will provide you with more details that will highlight your relevant skills and experiences.

3. Keep It Brief

As tempting as it may be to write a long and more detailed cover letter, leave some room for surprise. Limit yourself to writing only the most relevant and important skills, experiences, value, etc. that you can offer to the company. Keeping the letter short and writing using an encouraging tone will entice the recruiter to read your resume.

4. Don't Sell Yourself Short

Your professional experiences and skills are important for the job. Therefore, you shouldn't sell yourself short by not mentioning any accolades or achievements. Instead, choose your achievements that best relate to the needs of the company.

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