Lunch Voucher Templates

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Lunch vouchers can be given to employees as additional employee benefits that will allow them to eat at restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc. at a discounted price. With the help of our lunch voucher templates, you are guaranteed to create the perfect lunch voucher for company-wide distribution. These have a 100% customizable feature with original artworks and royalty-free font styles that you can use. Open and edit in any versions of Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Apple Pages (.pages), and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) anytime and anywhere on any device. Express your thank yous to your employees in the most practical way by downloading our printable voucher templates today!

What Is a Lunch Voucher?

In the most basic sense, a lunch voucher is a type of meal ticket given to employees as an additional employee benefit. Similar to any meal ticket, a lunch voucher comes in a range of price denomination that is equivalent to certain meals in a restaurant or any food and drink establishment of your liking. It has been used to motivate employees around the world; unlike a cash allowance for food, a voucher is highly visible. This means that when employees munch, crunch, sip or slurp they'll know it was because their efforts were appreciated by the management. 

How to Create a Lunch Voucher

lunch voucher template

1. Include Security Features

Although lunch vouchers are easy to implement, there is still a need to ensure that it will not be illegally duplicated. Hence, the need to include security features. Since this will only be used for company-wide distribution, you can use a simple security feature. Some of the most basic ones are using watermarked paper, micro text and numbering. but if you want to go all out, you can use holograms, heat reactive inks, and so on.

2. Use Simple and Clear Designs

The main concern of the user is the amount and establishment where he or she can use the voucher. That's why it is necessary to keep the overall design of your lunch voucher to be simple and clear. Although you can still include your business logo, brand color, font style/s, and overall vibe, there is no need for complex background designs, over-the-top borders, and so on. You need to think about what is more important to have on there to avoid cramming too much information in a small space.

3. Provide all the Essential Pertinent Information

As mentioned, you need to highlight the amount, restaurant, buffet, cafe, etc. the meal voucher can be used, expiration date, etc. on the front side of the voucher. These are what your employees will immediately look for when they receive the voucher; hence, you should be direct when writing the contents. You can also utilize the backside to provide the rules and policies regarding the usage of the voucher.

4. Choose the Right Material

That's why it is important to look for a material that is not easy to crumple but still within a reasonable price range. Since you have the flexibility to choose the size and shape of the food voucher, it is also important that you think about the material to use since it can affect how your designs are translated onto the paper and its longevity. It is suggested that you use paper stock that is above 130gsm to ensure a high-quality finish.

5. Come Up with a Logical Tracking Method

The lunch vouchers you distribute to your employees equivalent to a certain monetary amount is counted as expenses for your company. Hence, the necessity of tracking how many you have already distributed to account the money you have already spent. Normally, the printing company can supply you with a numerical system to track if the voucher has already been redeemed especially when you use fixed denominations. But to make it simple, you can design your vouchers to allow you to write the intended amount straight onto the voucher ticket.