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What is a Receptionist Cover Letter

A type of cover letter that is used by receptionists to introduce themselves to potential employers. Receptionists would often include reasons why they should be considered such as their skill sets and experiences. Most big-name companies that employ a receptionist, require this in order to determine if the applicant is capable of directing people who visit their office, as well as take and direct specific calls.

How to Write a Receptionist Cover Letter

A receptionist’s role is to greet and receive visitors who enter the office. They are the first person that people see and are the ones who direct them to the necessary place they need to go to. For your application as a receptionist, you will need to write your letter convincing the employer that you are capable of the receptionist’s tasks. If you have some challenges getting started continue reading and check out these tips.

1. Decide on the Format

Since your cover letter is your introduction to your future employers make sure you plan this out well to make a good first impression. Use a professional format (Arial or Verdana is a great choice) with writing your cover letter and make sure the font sized is big enough to be readable. You may also gather what you’d like to write on your cover letter, organize them and phrase it out professionally in the first drafts of your letter. Planning all this will make the next few steps easy and quick for you.

2. Share Your Credentials

Your chances of employment will increase if you share your professional skills and write in your letter the reason why you make the cut as a receptionist. For example, if you are applying for the job of hotel receptionist you may add that you qualify for that position because you’ve had experience working in hotels and have the necessary skills to man the front desk at a hotel establishment. Mentioning these in your letter will make you an enticing candidate for the job in the eyes of your future employer.

3. Add Other Relevant Skills

If you have got other relevant information that will give you an advantage in your application, then definitely mention it in your cover letter as well! These may be skills you have acquired at a previous job or connections to a certain organization. For example, if you are applying to be a legal receptionist for a law firm, you may include having interned in a law firm previously or having worked with the law before in order to show your future employers that you are a perfect fit for the job.

4. Specify Your Letter

While it is an entry-level job, there are many types of receptionist jobs such as dental receptionist, office receptionist, etc. Specify the job title in the cover letter and say what job exactly you are going for before pledging yourself to the front desk. That way, both you and the hiring manager are on the same page throughout your application.

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