Staff Meeting Minute Templates

Make Meetings Productive Using Our Staff Meeting Minutes Templates! Whether You're Having a Company Meeting, Child Care Team Meeting, School Faculty Meeting, Restaurant Staff Meeting, or Formal/Informal Meeting, These Help You Record Important Takeaways on Sessions. Our Sample Templates Have Editable Outlines and They're Downloadable for Free on!See more

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    What Is a Staff Meeting Minutes?

    It is a written document that holds records on all things discussed during a company meeting between staff members. Its purpose is to help the reader understand what topics were brought up, what issues were successfully or were not resolved, the decisions that were made during the discussion, etc. If you are the person that is tasked with creating this particular type of meeting minutes, then be sure to be as accurate as possible when taking down details as the staff who participated will require it to recap what happened during their next meeting.

    How to Create a Staff Meeting Minutes?

    staff meeting minutes template

    1. Start With the Details of the Meeting

    Begin by providing the exact location in which the meeting between the staff members took place. Check to make sure that you have written down the complete address into the document. Then you will need to write down the exact schedule in which the meeting started and ended. These pieces of information will come in very handy in the event that someone wishes to verify when the meeting took place. 

    2. State Those Who Participated

    Considering that you are making a meeting minutes for a discussion between staff members, you will need to make a sample checklist for the numerous amount of names of those who participated in it. Make sure to put in their first and last names along with their complete job position title. Also, include the names of those who failed to participate so that it will be easier in figuring out who needs to get caught up with what happened during the meeting.

    3. State the Acceptance or Corrections Made to the Previous Meeting Minutes

    Discuss if all the matters in the previous weekly meetings were resolved if they were carried over to the current one. Also, you will have to point out whether everything was accepted or if there are any corrections or amendments that had to be made. If there were any changes, then you will have to point out exactly what those changes are. 

    4. Point Out the Actions Taken or Agreed Upon

    Next is to make a list of all the action plans that the staff members in the meeting discussed that had to be taken or at least brought to attention. If they were agreed upon, then point out the names of the staff members that are assigned to conduct them. If they had the decision had to be made via voting, then point out details such as who made the motion, the number of votes, etc. 

    5. Share What Was Accomplished, New Business Discussed, and Items Held Over

    Now you will have to point out what items from the previous meeting had to be carried over from the previous meeting to the current one and whether or not they were resolved. If any new topics or issues had to be discussed, then provide a description as to what they are and if they have to be carried over to the next meeting. Lastly, state what it is that's on the meeting agenda that was accomplished during the current staff meeting.

    6. Provide Details on the Next Meeting

    This is something that you will have to do as staff members who wish to or are required to participate in the next meeting will need to know when and where it will take place. First, start with the address of the venue. In the event that it's different from the usual location, make sure to provide all the details necessary for the participants to know exactly where it's going to be held. Then write down the exact date, time, and meeting checklist in which and why it will take place so that everyone who has to participate will know when they are expected to be there.