How Do I Create a Group in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms allows the accessibility of forms to be restricted within particular groups. This helps to limit the dissemination of information to unauthorized individuals and contains the contents of the form.

How Do I Create a Group in Microsoft Forms

Creating groups in Microsoft Forms is as easy as making forms from scratch. You won’t have to worry about your form reaching unnecessary individuals.

  • Step 1: Log Into Microsoft Forms

    The first step you need to take is to input in your address bar to be brought to the official MS Forms site. Locate the “sign in” button to be able to add your school, business, or even personal information to access your account. After you do so, you will be prompted to your Forms portal where you can create a new form to access older existing ones. 


    Log in to, then locate the Microsoft 365 symbols on the left and pick Forms.

  • Step 2: Access ‘My Groups’

    Scroll to the bottom of your site to find your groups listed under “My Groups.” Choose the group for who you want to make a new form or quiz. 


    Ensure that it is the accurate group you want to make a form for otherwise, it could confuse you.

  • Step 3: Add a New Group

    Select “Add New Group Form,” and then follow the instructions to build a form as normal. If you need to create a quiz, click the drop-down arrow next to “Add New Group Form” and pick “New Group Quiz.” Then, proceed with the instructions for creating a quiz. 


    If you have generated a form or quiz in your personal account, you may move it to a group so that all team members in that group can access and control it.


Can you have multiple owners on Microsoft Forms?

Yes, you have the option to set your form as multiple editors so you can share your form and collaborate with other users, but keep in mind that this feature is only available with Ofice 365 Education and Microsoft 365 Apps business accounts.

Who has permission to use Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is readily accessible to Office 365 Education clients, Microsoft 365 Apps for Business customers, and Microsoft account holders, users with a premium account are able to utilize premium features.

How do I enable anyone can respond to a Microsoft form?

Under “Select and Collect Responses,” selecting “Anyone Can Respond” will allow users not part of your organization to access and answer the form or quiz link you have provided.

What are the limitations of Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms limits you to store 400 forms in your personal Forms portal and when done with colleagues with non-pro accounts that are on top of the 400 individual forms you can generate.

How do I give admin access to Microsoft Forms?

After you created or opened an existing form, locate the “Share” button and click on “Share to Collaborate” then select sharing link permission, copy and share the link to your leader or whomever admin access you wish to give to.