How Do you Record an Audio on Sway?

Adding an audio recording into your Sway can definitely make it more reactive as well as captivating to the viewers. Luckily this application includes a “Record” feature that can let you record on the spot.

How Do you Record an Audio on Sway?

Given that Microsoft Sway makes use of native web technologies for its audio recording, it can check whether your device or browser needs audio recording support. If this support is available, you can then follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Click the “+” to add an Audio

    b55f0b6b8096d5d3f95f2247374a3ca38d805242Click on a card where you want to place your audio by clicking the “+” sign below it. Then tap “Media” and click “Audio”.

  • Step 2: Start by Tapping “Record”

    2e2efb05766d67858c04ce42288b1c125e22f293Once a new audio card appears, proceed to tap “Record”.

  • Step 3: Configuring the Recording Process

    50ebc91969d4f44a8fbe908bc9fc0c0bdf455d57To allow further recording support, click “Allow” for the application to use your microphone.

  • Step 4: Recording Starts

    051ecb6c163d11ec4c9e3c59f65b333f3854dd31Recording starts once you see a green audio tab below your screen. If you want to pause, click “Pause” and click the white circle to “Stop” recording.

  • Step 5: Adding to Sway

    7e74f1d7b1c5dbc449b43db21864affff935387dOnce you have stopped recording, immediately click the “Add to Sway” option, if ready. However, if you want to make some changes, try “Re-record”.


Can you Put an Audio in a Sway Presentation?

Yes. You can either insert or record audio in a Sway presentation since the application supports both options and are available in both offline and online versions.

How to Re-record Audio in Microsoft Sway?

Once you have your previous audio ready, you can immediately tap “Re-record” located on the left portion of your green audio tap to do another take.

Can I Edit My Audio in Microsoft Sway?

No. Microsoft Sway is not an audio editing application, therefore it cannot be used for audio editing.

What Can I Do with Microsoft Sway?

You can absolutely do a lot of things, especially outputs with Microsoft Sway given that it has a lot of templates and features that are very user-friendly.

Who Uses Microsoft Sway?

Students, company workers, freelancers, teachers, and so much more use Microsoft Sway.