How to Create a Microsoft Sway Document?

When it comes to making documents, Microsoft Sway sure has a variety of templates to work with. These templates also come along with simple directions which are very efficient for writers who are more focused on writing rather than editing.

How to Create a Microsoft Sway Document?

Creating a Microsoft Sway Document is similar to creating documents in Microsoft Word. Therefore, some steps need to be

  • Step 1: Start from Template: Blog [Enhanced]

    f7b65233fdd1ec892fb738448a7dd5975432986dOnce you are in the Microsoft Sway homepage, make sure that you click the right arrow to see other templates from which you can choose. Click the arrow twice before selecting “Blog [Enhanced]”.

  • Step 2: Getting Started

    cba93d67e55396c9fc3b12e431fc70bf895bf77fImmediately click “Start editing this Sway” as the new screen appears. It might take a few seconds for Microsoft Sway to process the template you need before you start editing.

  • Step 3: Start Editing Your Sway

    f3ed0f47aafed8edc01d70914d3a5526e2fa50b1Start editing your document by filling up the “Storyline” mode. Put in a title in your “Title” card and try adding an image to increase its visual appeal. Afterwards, you can now enter the body of your document in the next card.

  • Step 4: Repeat the Process

    996b909082d1ac0304432f37432fb4925bac6a98If you’re opting for a very long document. Remember to always add an image card before starting a paragraph by clicking “+”. Repeat this process until you have typed in your last paragraph.


Can You Make a Blog Using Microsoft Sway?

You can definitely make blogs through Microsoft Sway considering it has a variety of ready-made blog format types and templates that you can easily use and write on.

How to Edit a Template in Microsoft Sway?

Once you have chosen a template to edit, remember to click “Start editing this Sway” for you to get started.

How to Edit Images in Sway?

Click the “Title” card and tap the “Details” pane that appears on the top part of your image. Once you have done this action, you will be able to edit the image and check how it would look like once reviewed.

What is Blog in Microsoft Sway?

The Blog template in Microsoft Sway is a ready-made template that can help you create a more dynamic blog just by typing in your content and navigating through the images that you can drag into your content.

What is Grid in Microsoft Sway?

The “Grid” is a type of card in Sway that allows you to combine series of text and pictures at the same time.