31+ Best Formal Letter Templates

Writing a formal letter is a necessity that one cannot do without. Such letters are usually intended for communicating formal messages to persons either we know or do not know much about. For this reasons such letters will follow along certain strict guidelines or else face rejection. You can also see Reference Letter Templates.

Here is a simple guide on the format of such letters. The address of the writer comes first. This is usually placed at the top right corner of the letter templates, clearly depicting the identity of the person or institution crafting the letter. Such addresses will depict the address of the writer along with their postal address.

Printable Employment Offer Letter Template


Formal Letter of Employee Reply to Manager

Formal Letter of Emmployee Reply to Manager

 Formal Letter of Student Requesting Lecturer

Formal Letter of Student Requesting Lecturer

Formal Appreciation Letter Template

Formal Appreciation Letter Template

Formal Letter Template of an Employee

Formal Letter Template of an Employee

Company Formal Letter for Tender Application

 Company Formal Letter for Tender Application

Formal Apology Letter Template

Formal Apology Letter Template

Employer Formal Letter

Formal Letter to Employer

HR Manager Formal Letter Template

HR Manager Formal Letter Template

A common format for such addresses is arranging all the sentences on a vertical line or slanting left to right. The date the letter is written is placed at the bottom of the writer’s address to make reference of when such information was communicated. For a clean distinction between the address and the date a single line is normally skipped after the address of the writer before such a date is written down.

Sample Formal Congratulations Letter Template Word Editable


Download Formal Email Letter With Examples PDF Format


Download Formal Complaint Letter Unprofessional Behavior Sample


Sample Formal Fundraising Letter Template Free Download


Sample Addressing a Formal Letter Template Free Word Doc


Formal Acceptance Letter Template Example Word Format


Sample Formal Announcement Letter Template Printable


Sample Formal Apology Letter Template Editable

Formal Acceptance Letter Template Sampel MS Word


Sample Formal Appreciation Letter Template Word Format

Free Formal Cancellation Letter Template Example Editable

Download Sample Formal Christmas Letter Template for Free

Download Formal Complaint Letter Template Example

Sample Formal Condolence Letter Template Free Download

A single line is then skipped below the date after which you turn to the left hand margin of the paper. This is the point the recipients address is pinned starting with their name or post along with an institution in which they are working.

The address of the specific company or the recipient is also indicated below the designation. Once this has been done, a line is skipped below the address and a salutation written down. It is important to retain all the lines on the margin for this address.


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