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11+ Restaurant Leaflet Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Leaflets or flyers are some of the most effective marketing tools to use for any business. Despite their small size, various details regarding the restaurant (products list, services, price list, address, or contact number) can all be placed on a single leaflet. You may also see flyer designs.

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Most restaurant businesses are making and distributing leaflets, restaurants included. Here are some of the best yet affordable leaflets to purchase if you own a restaurant or you’re business planning to open one in the near future. Leaflets and flyers more or less perform the same functions. They are small and printable copies of the products or services you are advertising. You may also see restaurant website themes & templates.

Leaflet Flyer Template

File Format
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  • MS Word
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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Restaurant Roast Flyer

This template has a similar design to the previous leaflet template, but instead of Sunday brunch, this template can be used for a Sunday roast. This template also has three available variations and two print size formats (US-letter and A4). The template’s texts, photo placeholders, and color schemes are also fully editable. You may also see restaurant flyer templates.

Bakery Restaurant Leaflet

This template uses a cartoon female baker as the central design. This leaflet template is best used for restaurants specializing in pastries and other desserts menus. You can attach the photos of your printable cupcakes and other sample desserts in the section provided in the template. You may also see restaurant inventory templates.

The dimensions of this template are 8.5″l x 11″ (larger than a quarter-page size). This template has high quality, full-color, and full-bleed printing. You can also customize both sides at no extra cost and you can choose between two papers (basic and value). For additional sizes, you can access it through the “Customize It” button. You may also see restaurant survey templates.

Restaurant Dining Leaflet Template

Cafe Restaurant Flyer Template

This wonderfully designed restaurant template uses Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting Cafe Terrace at Night. Paintings are the best designs you can use for your restaurant leaflet as seen in this template. All you need to do is add a little bit of text and they can now be distributed among your customers and numerous passerby. You may also see restaurant application templates.

This template also has dimensions of 8.5″l x 11″ (larger than a quarter-page size) with high quality, full-color, and full-bleed printing. You can choose between two papers (basic and value). This template can also be customized on both sides at no extra cost. For additional sizes, click on the “Customize It” button. You may also see restaurant business plan templates.

Restaurant Menu Flyer

This restaurant menu flyer makes up the entire restaurant menu. If you want to let your customers know what food you are selling, use this menu flyer template. The items in this template are easily editable and customizable to fit your own restaurant. The background of the template uses a photo of a dish which you can also change for your restaurant. You may also see restaurant marketing plan templates.

Similar to the other templates, this template also has dimensions of 8.5″l x 11″ with high quality, full-color, and full-bleed printing. Two types of paper can be chosen for this template: basic and value.  At no extra cost, this template can be customizable which will definitely save you extra cash. For additional sizes, you can view them through the “Customize It” button. You may also see restaurant templates & designs.

Restaurant Leaflet Sample

This is another promotion restaurant menu flyer template that allows you to change the details for your restaurant. Host some sumptuous pig roast event menu for your own restaurant with this mouthwatering flyer design. Available in three design variations in two print size formats (US-letter and A4), these templates are also fully editable. You may also see restaurant checklist templates.

Mexican Cafe Leaflet Design

This Mexican cafe restaurant template lets you use a QR code which is being highly utilized these days. You can insert your own QR code, making it easier for your customers to find you and your products. You may also see restaurant facebook designs & templates.

Similar to the other templates above, this template has dimensions of 8.5″lx 11″. It also has high quality, full-color, and full-bleed printing. Basic and value are two paper types you can choose from this template. At no extra cost, this template can be customizable which will definitely save you extra cash which you can use for other expenses in the restaurant. You may also see responsive restaurant templates.

Breakfast Restaurant Promotion Leaflet

This template is perfect for restaurants offering a Sunday brunch promotion. This template is available in three designs and two print size formats (US-letter and A4). The templates are also fully editable (texts, photo placeholders, and color schemes). You may also see restaurant voucher templates.

Restaurant Leaflet Card

This simple restaurant leaflet card perfectly balances text and food photography. You can easily replace the images and text for your own restaurant. This template has a 5″ x 7″ (portrait) or 7″ x 5″ (landscape), 12 unique paper types and colors, and high quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides. You may also see restaurant bootstrap themes & templates.

Pizza Restaurant Advertising Flyer

Use this amazing template for your pizzeria or Italian restaurant. All elements are in separate layers and can be moved or removed from the file. Also, all text is easy to edit. This template contains four PSD files (A4, A5, 8.5×11, & 5×7 inch, including bleeds and guide) and 300 DPI Easy named layers for better editing. This template also has two background options.

Restaurant Event Leaflet Template

If your restaurant is promoting a chili cook-off or similar cook-off events, use this cook-off flyer template. Available in two print sizes (A4 and US-letter), this template is also fully editable since you can change texts, color schemes, and add or remove images). You may also see beautiful restaurant menu designs.

Why are restaurant leaflets important?

If there are businesses that need to rely heavily on marketing, they would have to be restaurants. This does not mean that some businesses don’t even need marketing. In fact, all businesses—whether small companies or large corporations—need to use marketing to attract customers in order templates to increase their income. Profitability and sustainability are two reasons why restaurants should use marketing. These days where technology has taken over every aspect of business operations, the use of a single marketing strategy is not enough to maintain a competitive advantage. Various marketing and advertising tools are easily accessible throughout the web and some are even free to use. Social media is one such example. You may also see best premium restaurant website templates.

For restaurants, food is not enough to maintain the loyalty of customers while attracting new ones. Despite food being one of the most profitable types of businesses to start even for a budding entrepreneur, the food business is also one of the most volatile. If the owner only has a few dishes to sell, it has to be perfect for customers to come back. Trying to add multiple dishes in the menu without perfecting how the dishes are made will definitely affect the restaurant’s profile. Word-of-mouth can easily spread if a restaurant is selling mediocre or terrible dishes, and competitors will surely take advantage of those issues. Restaurants rely on their bestsellers to be profitable, and if the bestsellers are struggling even for a few days, it would become a major concern for the restaurant.

This is where leaflets come in to assist the restaurant. Leaflets do not assure profitability or sustainability, but they are the first step in achieving those goals. Despite digital marketing tools (social media, websites, etc.) already replacing traditional marketing (posters, tarpaulins, billboards, and even leaflets), traditional forms of marketing are still very effective and most companies from around the globe are still using them regularly. Leaflets are cost-effective and direct. You can easily hand them out to customers in the street or in any public place. You can even go to houses or communities within the area and leave some leaflets on porches or in mailboxes. That’s how easy it is to hand out leaflets.

Additionally, leaflets are cost effective. You can print out a thousand copies and it won’t even cost you that much. Compared to using digital marketing tools where you need to purchase a premium version of a tool or software for it to be truly effective, physical copies of leaflets can be easily distributed to customers.

Making restaurant leaflet designs more effective

Mix and match colors

Colors are the most important aspect of a restaurant design, both in the interior design and exterior design portion of the establishment. A restaurant having a single color scheme will affect its marketability to customers. Leaflets need to easily attract the attention of people, both loyal and potential customers alike. Having color combinations in restaurant leaflets adds to the overall aesthetic of the leaflets and the colors definitely assist in marketing template, making it easy for people to notice and make them think about your restaurant in the next few days.

Depending on your restaurant’s concept and the dishes you serve, use color combinations which match the restaurant’s concept. If you are serving Italian food which is mostly pasta and pizza, use the red, green, and yellow color combination in your restaurant leaflet. Additionally, you can base the colors you use in the leaflets on the dishes you serve. If you are mostly selling soup-based dishes, try using orange, green, red, or yellow combinations. You may also see restaurant marketing plan templates.

Minimize the use of text

Leaflets are small in size. Sometimes, they can easily fit in a pocket without even being folded. Due to their size, there is no need to add layers of text, making it like a mini-novel or short story. Limit the text to your price list and discounts if you are offering any. You don’t even need to add the entire price list in the leaflet, just the best sellers or the items on special discount offers. The images of the dishes you are serving should be the first things that should be added to the leaflet since restaurants obviously rely on food to be profitable. The text should also not take too much space on the leaflet, so create a balance between the food image and the text size. You may also see startup checklist for opening a restaurant.

Utilize food images or photography

As mentioned above, using food images or food photography on the leaflets are more visually appealing than using mostly text. But using any food image is not enough. Photos need to be of high quality and need to be consistent so that they can help increase sales for the restaurant. If you are still unsure about what dishes should be photographed and eventually added to your restaurant leaflet, the best options are your best sellers. restaurant HTML5 website themes

So those were some of the most attractive restaurant leaflets or flyers you can find on the web. Purchase them now and start handing them out to attract more customers. You may also see HTML5 restaurant website templates.

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