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Death is inevitable. Death is imminent. Sooner or later it will come to every one of us. Death will come sooner to some than others. Losing someone in one’s life is one of the most painful things anybody can ever experience and it is this pain that makes it unforgettable. It is this pain that makes us appreciate life even more. And once we do get over this loss, it can provide a tremendous impact on our lives. You may also see Card Templates.

Not all process the grief that death brings with it in the same way though. Some take it harder more than others. A parent losing a child. A husband turned to a widower. A soldier being the sole survivor of his troop. These are some pains of losing something or someone in a person’s life that sound unbearable to him/her. They are unimaginable. These are the pains that nobody should ever feel. To quote King Theoden of Rohan from Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Two Towers, “No parent should have to bury their child.” You may also see simple thank you cards.

Condolence Thank You Card Template

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Free Floral Funeral Thank You Card

free floral funeral thank you card
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Free Funeral Thank You Card Template

free funeral thank you card template
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Vintage Funeral Thank You Card

vintage funeral thank you card

In times of grief and mourning, friends are the greatest pillars of support for those who survive. Their condolences will be what eases that pain. Yes, they might not feel or even fathom the pain, but their presence can help in the mourning process. These are the people who will get you back up on your feet. These people will make you realize that yes, we might have lost someone, but we are not alone. For that, these people and their compassion deserved to be thanked. You may also see thank you card designs.

Condolence Thank You Cards

Condolence thank you cards are cards that you send out to people to show appreciation of their sympathies in times of death. These cards are also referred to as sympathy thank you cards and funeral thank you cards. These cards are part of funeral etiquette and are a way to show gratitude to people who have been kind in times of loss. Understandably, these card designs can be very hard to write, as they are usually written just after the funeral.

Floral Funeral Thank You Card

floral funeral thank you card

Pink Floral Funeral Thank You Card

pink floral funeral thank you card

Who to Write Condolence Thank You Cards For?

As they are thank you cards, your condolence thank you cards should be addressed to those people you think deserved to be thanked. You should especially write to those who were extremely helpful during the funeral but you do not have to write to everyone who attended the funeral. It would be a good idea for you or any family member to create a list of people to be thanked to easily identify whom to address the letters too. Below is a list of people who you might want to send condolence thank you cards to:

  • People who brought or sent flowers
  • People who made a memorial donation (do not specify the amount)
  • People who helped the family financially (again, do not specify the amount)
  • Friends who have been helpful in tangible ways
  • Pallbearers
  • People who performed at the funeral like the musicians
  • The priest, clergy, or the person who is officiating the funeral
  • Anybody who went out of their way and did something special for your family in the funeral

Sympathy Memorial Thank You, Note Card, with Photo

sympathy memorial thank you note card with photo

Lavender Funeral Thank You Card

lavender funeral thank you card

Funeral Program Thank You Card Sample

funeral program thank you card sample

Sympathy Thank You Memorial Photo Card

sympathy thank you memorial photo card

Tips on Keeping Track of who to Give Condolence Thank You Card

A notepad and pen are one of the handiest tools you can have during a funeral.

1. Use the note and pen to note each call and visit during the funeral. Your memory can sometimes be fuzzy, especially during these difficult and busy times. Do not depend on it. This list would be essential when it is time to send out your appreciation and thanks after the funeral. You may also see thank you card designs.

2. Assign a friend or family to keep and track this record.

3. Be sure to note both the first names and last names. Also, take note of the phone numbers especially for calls.

4. Do not forget to include the people who were very helpful before your loved one passed away. Show appreciation to the nurse who made extra acts of kindness and the other people who made your loved ones feel comfortable at the end of their lives. You may also see thank you note cards.

What to Write in a Condolence Thank You Card

Sympathy thank you cards are difficult to write emotionally. However, writing them can also be therapeutic and can help you process your grief. That being said, how you word your condolence thank you card is easy. A simple thank you for your condolences with suffice. You can even personalize your message. Personalize messages can be more sincere.

Furthermore, you can write your message in a way that can specifically thank your receiver for a special thing they have done. You can customize your message for people who gave out flowers, financial donations, or meals for your family during the funeral. You may also see cool thank you cards.

Below are some samples of how you can word your condolence thank you card:

  • Thank you for your kindness and sympathy in our time of grief.
  • Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.
  • Thank you for being supportive of us during this difficult times,
  • Thank you so much for the flowers you sent to [name]’s funeral. It means a lot to us.
  • Thank you for the wonderful [wreath/arrangement] you sent to [name]’s funeral. He/She would have loved it.
  • The flowers you sent to [name]’s funeral would have touched him greatly. Thank you very much.
  • Thank you for making a donation in [name]’s honor. We are touched by your generosity.
  • We appreciate your donation to [charity] in the memory of [name].
  • Thank you very much for providing a meal for our family! It was wonderful to be able to have one less meal to worry about during these difficult and busy times. You may also see sample sympathy cards.
  • Thank you for the kindness you showed us by taking the time to cook a great deal of comfort in these times of need. It meant the world to us. You may also see letterpress thank you cards.

Printable Funeral Thank You card

printable funeral thank you card

Elegant Funeral Program Thank You Card

elegant funeral program thank you card

Cardinal Funeral Thank You Note Card Red Bird

cardinal funeral thank you note card red bird

The Right Time to Send Out Condolence Thank You Cards

Sending your thank you condolence cards within a few weeks of the funeral is the best and preferred time. However, there is really no time frame as to when you should send out your condolence thank you cards. It is understandable that you would send it a month or even a year after the funeral. You might have forgotten to send it due to being busy or you might not have had the heart to do it. Sending your simple funeral thank you cards will never be too late. Just don’t forget to acknowledge the delay in your message through prefacing your message.

Other Tips in Writing Your Condolence Thank You Note

1. Keep it short but meaningful

You do not need a lengthy thank you note for your thank you message. A message composed of at least one to three sentences that express your gratitude would suffice. If you use the templates embedded on this page, with preprinted messages, it would be a good idea to include a personalized message.

2. Ask help when you need it

Your list of whom to thank after the funeral might grow and become numerous. In such times, do not be afraid to ask help from your family members. You may also see the funeral thank you card samples.

3. Break the list into segments

If your list does balloon into numerous people, it can be easy to be overwhelmed. You can tackle your list into segmented parts to start it easier. You may also see funeral card samples.

4. You can include your family members in your signature

Depending on who the sympathies are addressed and extended to, you can write the signature accordingly. You can send out your thank you message on behalf of your family. If you do, you can sign it with “ the family of …..”, allowing you to encompass the gratitude of all the family members. However, if the sympathies are primarily extended to one person, it is acceptable to simply sign that person’s name. You may also see funeral card templates.

5. Include your last name or the full name of the deceased in the card

Remember to include your last name or the full name of the deceased especially when sending out letters to people who are not close to you. This is especially important when addressing people from the deceased’s workplace or office. Furthermore, this is very important if the condolence thank you card is sent late or a long time after the funeral. You may also see thank you cards in PSD.


Death is hard to deal with. It would be especially hard to deal if you are alone. The people who show compassion and sympathy during the funeral and grieving process deserved to be thanked for all the efforts they do even if they do not expect to be thanked. Sending out condolence thank you cards is one of the simplest ways of showing gratitude. Creating such cards might be very hard emotionally and as such, there is no time limit for when you can send them out. Sending out such cards not only shows proper funeral etiquette, but it also can give a bit of closure on the loss. You may also see funeral examples.

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