15+ Contact Card Templates – PSD, AI, EPS

Gone are the days of the yellow pages since you have contact card to avail. With Library Card Templates you can seek the name of the students enrolled in and put it in the contact card. Names of other people who are important such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, friends and relatives can be added in the template to find their number easily.

contact card template

Graphic Command Contact Card PSD Template – $7

graphic command contact card psd template
Graphic Command Contact Card PSD Template is of standard credit card size and comes with a dark color scheme with the envelope being bright green. It is available in PSD format for seven dollars

Modern Business Contact Card Template – $10

modern business contact card template 10
Modern Business Contact Card Template comes in black and brown with a textured background. The front is for the logo with the details being on the other side in a boxed layout

Instant Download Guest Contact Card Template

instant download guest contact card template
Instant Download Guest Contact Card Template is a colorful one with various light colored fonts and designs. This template is ideal for informal organizations. It has a request for more information at the bottom

Premium Contact Card Template Download

premium contact card template download
Premium Contact Card Template is available in all formats and is fully editable from the pictures to the fonts and colors. It comes in a box shape in 4 parts

Textured Contact Card Template PSD Design

textured contact card template psd design
Textured Contact Card Template is in PSD format and is a single card with the company/organization’s details on the front along with the logo and the phone numbers

American Red Cross Emergency Contact Card in PDF Format

american red cross emergency contact card in pdf format
American Red Cross Emergency Contact Card has name, place, and home address with the closest person to contact in case of emergency. The red and white color is hard to mistake for anything else

Personalised Bicycle Contact Card Black & White Spot Print

personalised bicycle contact card black white spot print
Personalized Bicycle Contact Card Black & White Spot prints make personalized bicycle logo business cards, contact cards, personal calling cards. It is a combination of black and white spot print DIY or readymade printed stationery from the Westminster Paper Company.

Creative Corporate Contact Card Template

creative corporate contact card template
Creative Corporate Business Card comes with classy design and consists of three colour options of green, blue and orange CMYK 300dpi colours. It is horizontal in shape and the size is 3.5 x 2 inches. It consists of fully layered editable files. The files include one readme PDF file and two PSD file.

JW Contact Card Holder – $5

jw contact card holder
JW Contact Card Holder, which cost only $5, can carry any standard size business cards. It is transparent and looks classy and neat, having pop of colour. It is available in almost all colours such as pink, burgundy, purple, red, khaki, lavender etc. You can request for colour customization is you cannot find the colour of your choice.

How to Apply a Business Card Template to a Contact

how to apply a business card template to a contact
Microsoft has various business card templates for you. Download one and double click on the file. Under the compressed folder tools, you will see a new extract tab and the files listing. Click the .vcf file; it will automatically link to your MS Outlook contact. Change or add the name of the contact and click save and close.

Digital Printable Contact Card Template

digital printable contact card template
Digital Printable Contact Card Template is a double-sided template for personalized business cards, contact cards, calling cards etc. It is available in two colours – red and green. In addition, the file includes JPG file. The backside covered with floral designs.

Colourful Contact Business Card PSD Template

colourful contact business card psd template
Colourful Contact Business Card is compatible for any business organization or for personal use. The front and back are of PSD files and easily editable. It comes in 300 dpi CMYK colour. The size of this template is 3.5 x 2 inches. The PDF user guide helps you in customization easily.

Leather Stitched Contact Card Template

leather stitched contact card template
Leather Stitched Contact Card Template a very chic and classy in style, useful for making baseball mom, business cards, calling cards, family cards, contact cards, sports cards etc. It is of leather-stitched design. It is rectangular and fits in any cards holder.

Contacts Business Card – $5

contact business card

Custom Wallet Emergency Contact Card Template – $25

custom wallet emergency contact card template
Custom Wallet Emergency Contact Card Template is a rectangular and very thin metal wallet card. You can add all your emergency contact names and their numbers and carry inside your wallet all the time. It is available in purple, black, pink, red, green, silver, orange, and blue and gold.

Embossed Prestige Contact Card for $36

embossed prestige contact card for
Prestige contact Cards come in a set of 100 in numbers and red in colour. It is rectangular and is of the regular business card in size. Red in colour, the embossed fonts make the card looks very stylish, very professional and unique in design.

With these templates you are benefited of finding the numbers. The templates are also a way by which you can send the list across to your friends and relatives online. All you need to do is to download the card templates and find the contacts that you want.