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Words can have power over people’s emotions. What they feel toward each other and to themselves all depends on what words you say to them—verbally or written. Why not use cards to convey those words and deliver a heartfelt message? They can be surprisingly useful on several instances.

206+ FREE CARD Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Google Docs, Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator (AI)

Whether it’s an invitation for a party or a mere thank-you, the card templates on this list will help you send a card for whatever the occasion is. It’s also free to use these templates, but you might want to check with the author or publisher beforehand for any kinds of restrictions. You can bring yourself closer to one another by just merely writing a card itself.

Free Thank You Card Template

Free Printable Thank You Card

free printable thank you cardDownload

Free Vintage Wedding Invitation Card

free thank you wedding cardDownload

Free Baby Thank You Card

free baby thank you cardDownload

Free Printable Business Thank Card Template

Free Business Thank You Card

free business thank you cardDownload

Free Birthday Card Template

Free Birthday Invitation Card

free birthday invitation card2Download

Free Happy Birthday Card

free happy birthday cardDownload

Free Birthday Invitation Card

free birthday invitation cardsDownload

Free Visiting Card Template

Free Vector Visiting Card

free vector visiting cardDownload

Free Photography Visiting Card

free photography visiting cardDownload

Free Printable Card Template

Free Printable Thank You Card

free printable thank you cardsDownload

Free Printable Business Card

free printable business cardDownload

Free Birthday Card Template

Free Birthday Greeting Card

free birthday greeting cardDownload

Free Birthday Gift Card

free birthday gift cardDownload

Free ID Card Template

Free Photo ID Card

free photo id cardDownload

Free Employee ID Card

free employee id cardDownload

Free Recipe Card Template

Free Printable Recipe Card

free printable recipe card1Download

Free Place Card Template

Free Wedding Place Card

free wedding place card1Download

Free Thanksgiving Place Card

free thanksgiving place cardDownload

Spread the Words

There are many types of card templates you can find on this list. They can be for practical uses such as menus for a restaurant to invitation cards for a party. These cards can also be for greetings for the upcoming holiday or a mere thank you card to give to somebody. Either way, whatever kind of card you are looking for, chances are you’ll find them here.

  • Party Invitations – You can design party invitations to whatever event whether formal or casual and make the invitation card reflect the mood of the party. You can use the templates on this list as a guideline into making the best party invite you can think of.
  • Wedding Cards – Similar to the above, there are card templates offered here that are specifically suited to wedding invitations. They can even be designed to show food menu for the guests of the wedding.
  • Thank-You Cards – Nothing is much more heartfelt than appreciation for someone’s deeds. Whether if it’s for something they did recently or far back into the past or merely for their role in your life, a good thank-you card is sure to make them feel your appreciation.
  • Greeting Cards – Even if it’s something as small as a greeting card, it can still go a long way into making someone feel more valued. Remembering to send one to a long time friend from far away will help strengthen the long distanced relationship between the two of you.
  • Holiday Cards – A greeting for the nearing holidays—Christmas, Easter, New Year, you name it. Create a card of your own with a unique design using the holiday greeting cards on this list.
  • Gift Cards – You can tell someone that the gift came from you and that you wish them well with these gift cards. Whatever the occasion for giving gifts are, it’s always a good idea to use the templates offered to you here.
  • Baby Showers – You can invite guests to give gifts to your baby and wish him or her a bright future. These cards also offer multiple design for inviting guests for baby showers.
  • Restaurant Menus – This is a more practical use of the cards offered on this list. For one, these card templates can easily adjust to whatever you offer to fit on the menu. This is very much useful for restaurants everywhere.
  • Recipe Cards – Well-made food is quite a treat. People would absolutely love to create that food anytime they want to. You can teach people how you made yours by showing them your recipe. This will help your friends and family make the food on their own.
  • Business Card – Yet another practical use for these cards. You can make business cards at your own design with the card templates offered to you here. You can give these to your clients to look flashy yet professional.

Free Menu Card Template

Free Food Menu Card

free food menu cardDownload

Free Wedding Menu Card

free wedding menu cardDownload

Free Menu Place Card

free menu place cardDownload

Free Valentine’s Day Card Template

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Card

free printable valentines cardDownload

Free Valentine’s Day Photo Card

free photo valentines cardDownload

Free Gift Card Template

Free Baby Gift Card Template

free baby gift card templateDownload

Free Wedding Gift Card Template

free wedding gift card templateDownload

Free Gift Card Envelope Template

free gift card envelope templateDownload

Free Greeting Card Template

Free Printable Greeting Card

free printable greeting cardDownload

Free Blank Greeting Card

free blank greeting cardDownload

Free Birthday Greeting Card

free birthday greeting card1Download

The Power of Words

These card templates allow you to design a card that can send the message throughout to others. No matter how small the words you convey may seem, they can have a huge lasting effect on your relationships.

Greeting cards, holiday cards, and birthday cards are examples, to name a few, that can have these effects on people. Just a few words on a card to show to someone that you haven’t forgotten about them is heartwarming in its own right. You can even use your own imagination to style the card into how you want it to look.

Practical Uses of Cards

With the above being said, there are practical uses for these card templates other than just with bringing relationships closer.

They can be used for restaurant menus and business cards.

  • Restaurant owners can appreciate this list based on the fact that it can fit their restaurant items on the menu without much trouble since a template has already been premade for it. Making menus that fit the theme of their restaurant has never been any easier with these card templates offered.
  • The latter can be appreciated by businessmen who are performing a form of service since they can give out professional business cards to help them gain clients. It can give a more professional and experienced air around them that will help their clients feel confident about the service that they provide.

Why Use the Card Templates Offered Here?

This list can be very convenient for you if you’re looking for a card template to help make your cards whatever they may be for.

For one, they are free. You can use them at your leisure without costing you a cent. Also, they are easily customized to fit your needs for the card whatever you are using them for. There are also different varieties of card templates that are offered to make your card designing easier.

Free Flash Card Template

Free Printable Flash Card

free printable flash cardDownload

Free Blank Flash Card

free blank flash cardDownload

Free Wedding Invitation Card Template

Free Wedding Invitation Card

free wedding invitation cardDownload

Free Frozen Invitation Card

free frozen invitation cardDownload

Free Bingo Card Template

Free Number Bingo Card

free number bingo cardDownload

Free Printable Baby Bingo Card

free baby printable bingo cardDownload

Free Anniversary Card Template

Free Wedding Anniversary Card

free wedding anniversary cardDownload

Free Anniversary Invitation Card

free anniversary invitation cardDownload

The Styles of These Card Templates

It hardly does a card any justice to have such a plain design unless, of course, that’s what you want the style to be. Thankfully, you can edit the card templates offered above to how you want them to look. Why bother making it all by yourself when the card templates are offered to you for free?

The card templates on this list have multiple styles that you can use to customize them to fit your needs.

  • Theme – You can make a card fit a theme you want. For example, if you’re making a birthday invitation card to send out to your daughter’s friends, then you’d want a theme that your daughter would like. If she’s a fan of Disney princesses, then you can make the card into a Disney-themed invitation. You can do this with practically any card available.
  • Design – You can make the card’s design into anything you want. For example, if you’re nearing Christmas and you want to send out a holiday greetings card, you can use a Christmas design to make the card reflect more on the holiday and pay homage to it. This can really make each card relevant to what you’re sending them out for.
  • Size – Cards of all shapes and sizes can easily be customized without much troubles. If you’re making a large menu card, then the templates offered on this list can help you do just that as well so there’s no need to worry about the lack of space for your menu items.
  • Text – It can be important to send a clear message to those you are sending the cards to. The text of the card can be edited to fit the mood of the card’s design. You can put it in cursive or italics or even bold if you want to. You can use these to make the card even more stylish with special characters written in an exotic way.
  • Art – Art designs can be important on how a card can look. You can make it look fancy with new styles and expressions on the outer and inner layers. The card templates offered here can easily help you customize the art of a card. Make your card look all the more elegant by adding luxurious paisley designs.

So you see how useful these card templates offered above can be? Hopefully, you managed to find a card template that can be used perfectly for the occasion.

There are many types of card templates out there. Most of the card templates offered on this list pretty much covers most of them. You can come back to this list from time to time to find another card for the occasion if you’d like.

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