9+ Free Party Invitations

Invitations come in various ways: through an e-mail, direct verbal contact, or in a form of an invitation card. Despite of modern-day advancement, invitation cards are still an essential part of an event or celebration. Though you can directly invite someone verbally, invitation cards are still necessary since it acts as a formal invitation to them. It also serves as a good souvenir.

If you are looking for some high-quality designs, something that will stand out above the rest, the collection in this article is perfect for you. So get ready and take a look of our superb party invitation designs. And if what you’re looking for isn’t here, click our wide collection of more generic party invitation templates available for you to download.

Free Birthday Party Invitation



Free Christmas Party Invitation



Free Tea Party Invitation



Free Block Party Invitation



Free Halloween Party Invitation



Why We Love Parties

We all love parties, who doesn’t? A party is where we can hang out with other guests and enjoy good times with no worries—everything is surely fun in a party. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, wedding, or any kind of party, delicious food that we don’t mundanely eat are all present in the table. All sorts of fun stuff like games, presentations, and gift openings are also celebrated in parties.

Everyone wants to have a memorable party—something that we will carry on in our hearts for eternity, something we will always reminisce and will put a smile on our faces. It is not necessary to set a huge budget throwing a memorable and fantastic party; it is all about being resourceful. With a touch of great execution, the rest will just unravel.

Tips on How to Throw a Memorable Party

  1. Serve food that is not so basic.
  2. Showcase it with a top-notch presentation.
  3. Give out eye-catching invitation cards, one that will match your party’s theme.
  4. Season your party with upbeat and lively music.
  5. Giveaways and surprises are a must-have.
  6. Smile—it warms up your guests’ mood.

Parties will always be a part of us, so if you’re planning to hold one, follow those helpful tips we gave you. Looking for other invitation concepts? Check out our collection of cocktail party invitations for more formal celebrations like social or corporate mixers.

Free Couple Snorkeling Invitation



Free Graduation Party Invitation



Free Bachelorette Party Invitation



Free Slumber Party Invitation



Free New Year Holiday Party Invitation



What We Offer

In this article are a total of more than 9 awesome and delightful party invitation card designs that you and your guests will definitely love. These designs come in special font styles and contain soft color palettes that is not too strong and too bright to look at.

These templates are prefect for all sorts of celebrations:

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Graduation parties
  • Slumber parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Christmas parties

The templates in this page could also be your inspiration for your party-organizing venture, for your social events website, a pattern for your logos, room themes, shirt designs, poster color backgrounds, or business card color designs. Make use of these templates in any way that you want.

Why Download Our Templates

Each of our templates can be downloaded for free, or you could license them for a modest price. Download them straight to your device, whether a PC or laptop. These templates come in various PSD, AI, and Vector EPS formats, which means editing them is as easy as downloading them. You can also share this page to a friend or someone who’s looking for great designs for their party needs.

For more specific party invitations for birthdays, check our wide variety of birthday party invitations available for you to download.

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