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How to Make a Birthday Party Invitation

birthday party invitation template

Birthdays are one of the significant events in a person's life. That is why many decide to mark the date with a celebration. Along with the planning of this event, the use of a compelling birthday invitation is a must-do.

In this short guide, we will present useful tips on how to create a well-designed birthday party invitation card and birthday party invitation letter. Make sure to read and follow the guide provided below.

1. Choose a Design Theme

First off, you have to choose a design theme to make the most captivating birthday party invitation card. If you are assigned to plan the party theme, make it unique. The whole theme will be the central concept that brings together all the other styles of stationery, decoration, clothing, and food presentation used for the birthday event. For instance, you may choose a vintage birthday theme. All the other materials, especially your invitation cards, have to follow the theme for uniformity.

2. Write the Message and Other Important Details

One of the essential elements in your invitation letter or invitation card is your message. Although a letter is a formal way of inviting, it can be formal or informal depending on the purpose. Since you are writing an invitation to a birthday party, keep the tone friendly and informal when asking the person to attend your event. Take note, your letter must contain all the details that the person you invited must know. The card must include the name, venue, exact date, and time of the birthday party.

3. Use a Classic Font Style

Consider your typography choices. Make sure that your chosen font style will make an impact on your creative invitation. Your typeface and font style must complement each other to provide a more comfortable reading experience to your reader. Do not be tempted to use too playful font styles to avoid confusion. Use only up to three different font styles that all belong to the same typeface family.

4. Visual Hierarchy

This means that your textual and graphical elements in your event invitation should be arranged appropriately. An excellent visual hierarchy is useful if you want to emphasize specific details. For example, if you're going to make the headings more visible over other text elements, you can adjust the font size and make it bigger. The bigger the element, the more attention it gets.

5. Color Scheme

Part of the visual hierarchy is the use of color. To make your birthday party invitation look more creative and lively, utilize a mesmerizing color scheme. Color is one of the factors that interest the eye of the reader. Take advantage of this natural phenomenon and make sure to use complementary colors to design your surprise birthday party invitation card. Statistics reveal that visual design with color increases people's willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.

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