What is a Birthday Calendar?

How To Make a Birthday Calendar

A birthday calendar consists of dates within tables that mark the birthdates of the people you know and even your own. It serves as a reminder for you not to forget to celebrate and buy gifts for the celebrants. Also, it is a reminder to greet them with a happy birthday or give them a greeting card instead.

People often forget birthdays especially when they are busy and stressed. So, we made these birthday calendars for you to use. According to the figures from the NPD Group —a consumer research firm, the sales of appointment calendars or journals and planning calendars increased 10% from 2014-15 to 2015-16 to $342.7 million, and other calendars grew by 8% to $65 million at that time. As a result, calendars are still useful nowadays despite the digital age.

Below we provide you a step-by-step for you to be guided on how to make a birthday calendar.

1. List Down All the Birth Dates

List down all of your friends and family's birthdays. To do this, ask them their birthday unless you already know. Grab a piece of paper and a sharpened pencil to write down all of their birthdates. To make it organized, order them by month.

2. Obtain a Calendar

You can make your own from scratch but it is recommended to download a template for more convenience. Here on our site, you can find thousands of useful and eye-catching downloadable templates. Grab one now by clicking the download button. You can choose between a desk calendar or a wall hanging calendar as well.

3. Create and Add More Tables

After getting a calendar, edit the formats and the dates according to the current year. Add more tables for additional details or redesign the existing ones to your needs or wants accordingly. You can make your simple calendar more creative as you like. If you are done with that, insert the birthday reminders to each cell of the table of the calendar.

4. Highlight Important Events

Some birthdays are much more important than others such as your parents, siblings, and best friends' birthdays. Those important dates must not be forgotten. Highlight them by filling them with color or put some markings that can help you to be reminded such as stickers.

5. Be Reminded Every Time

Now that you are done with your calendar, it is time for you to keep track of every day by crossing out each date that has passed. Make sure to buy gifts on or before the date of the celebration event for the birthday celebrant. Use a checklist and be reminded of events and upcoming birthdays more effectively. If you are celebrating your birthday, you should invite more friends to come and celebrate with you with the help of birthday invitations.

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