Club Meeting Minute Templates

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  • Do you help run your own private society? What about a college social group? There are all kinds of different clubs, but meetings and discussions are always an important part of them. And for such meetings, putting together post-event notes helps keep everyone reminded of what was discussed. If you’re wondering how to make your own, then our Club Meeting Minutes Templates are a good place to start! No need to worry if you’re not document-savvy, as our samples are easily editable. And we even have a wide variety of file formats to choose from. So, download now—write down professional meeting minutes for school, sports, leisure, and more!

    What Are Club Meeting Minutes?

    As explained by an article from The Balance (a resource for business and careers), meeting minutes contain notes about an important discussion that was held. These documents also serve as official logs and distributable reminders for the attendees.

    There are many types of various clubs, associations, and the like, which all involve some form of group discussion. Meeting minutes come in quite handy for them, no matter what the topics might be.

    How to Write Club Meeting Minutes

    There are a few key components that go into writing meeting minutes for your club. If you’re interested in learning these, then check our tips just below!

    1. Pick Your Medium for Taking Club Meeting Notes

    Before creating your document, you need the notes that are taken down when the meeting happens. Because of this, it’s imperative that the person assigned for writing this information (like a secretary) has the right tool for the job.

    If you’d like to go digital, then a laptop or tablet is always a good choice. However, going traditional with a pen and paper is always a reliable option—no electricity needed!

    2. Pay Attention to the Most Important Bits in the Club Meeting

    Once it’s time for the meeting, be sure that you (or whoever is assigned) focuses on the most crucial details. The first part of this involves having an attendance sheet passed around, used for checking which members or attendees are present.

    When comments and opinions are given, spending attention on every little detail isn’t really necessary. Instead, write down the main idea behind what’s said.

    Additionally, take note of significant actions in the meeting. There are things like votes for a consensus or proposals for ideas that are worth including in the meeting minutes.

    3. Use an Appropriate Title for Your Club Meeting Minutes

    While working on the club meeting minutes, enter a title at the top of your page. Remember to use large and bold font for it.

    In terms of the writing itself, go with something that’s fairly descriptive. For example, write something similar to “Club Administrators’ Emergency Meeting” or “Sports Community Meeting Minutes.”

    4. Make Your Club Meeting Minutes Look Neat

    Even basic meeting minutes need a nice tidy look to them. When writing down the agendas, venue, attendees, and so on, using a grid table is always a great option. Not only does it make all that information look tidy, but it even grants better readability through color-coded cells.

    And there you have the last bit of our tips! Don’t forget about getting approval for your meeting minutes before finalizing it. Also, if you want resources for drafting your document, feel free to use our Club Meeting Minutes Templates.


  • What details are required in club meeting minutes?

      The following are included in club meeting minutes:

      1. Document title
      2. Attendee names
      3. Meeting time
      4. Meeting venue
      5. Agendas and topics
      6. Action items
  • What kind of information is avoided when creating club meeting minutes?

      When making club meeting minutes, avoid writing down personal opinions and observations. Besides that, Including every small detail about comments is also unnecessary.

  • Which software is used for writing club meeting minutes?

      Some prime examples are:

      1. MS Word
      2. Apple Pages
      3. Google Docs
  • What types of clubs benefit from using meeting minutes?

      A few examples of this include:

      1. Art communities
      2. Booster clubs
      3. Social groups
      4. Culture enthusiasts
  • Which page size is suitable for putting together club meeting minutes?

      A4 and US letter sizes are both viable for creating club meeting minutes.