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How to Make a Content/Editorial Organizational Chart?

A Content or Editorial Organizational Chart helps define the content and editorial process. It sets a clear illustration of the responsibilities placed on the right people in the right positions. Whether you are doing it for media, e.g., journalism, digital marketing, or educational purposes, writing an editorial and any content follows specific guidelines. That's why every member of content and editorial teams shoulders a role in making a quality publication. Set up your content and editorial teams for success now by following these steps below:

1. Know the Content and Editing Process

Know all the stages of content and editorial processing, where every content and editorial begins up until its publication. This way, you'll know how your content and editorial teams are structured. Draft an outline through the structure you discovered to maintain continuity in the next steps.

2. Construct the Chart

Prepare the Organizational Chart. Plan how your organizational chart will look like through the outline of the teams' structure you have acquired earlier. A proper chart layout will allow you to do half the work in completing your chart. Prepare one or choose one from our page. For a faster and smarter move, we give you content or editorial organizational templates that already have suggestive headings, texts, and contents that you can modify later to meet your needs. Y

3. Include Details

After establishing the structure, install the editorial and content team roles in the shaped text boxes. Or choose our chart templates that have suggestive writer, publisher, editor, manager, designer, marketing, content, and editorial board responsibilities. You can add more or remove what does not apply to the content and editorial teams. Accomplishing this gives the clear workflow of content and editorial process.

4. Design the Chart

Turn it into a creative organizational chart or keep it a simple organizational chart. Our Content or Editorial Organizational Charts have creative and minimalist designs to suit your taste. Customize it according to your type. Your company logo and color theme are standard designs you can add to your chart.

5. Make your Chart Reliable

Your Content/Editorial Organizational Chart will serve as the succession planning organizational chart of the content and editorial teams. For no one to be misguided, proofread your chart. It can be presented to an audience during training, for example, so check your errors now than to know them in the middle of a presentation.

6. Make Copies

This last step depends on you. If you want to store your chart digitally, don't forget to save it. If you are to make a Powerpoint Presentation out of it, add the organizational chart file or copy and paste a full screenshot of it. If you are to give it in the form of a paper document for a meeting, your accomplished organizational chart is print-ready so that you can print it anytime you might need it. Our site is filled with more handy templates for all your content marketing needs.

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