Carrying a load can be more manageable when someone or when people lend you a hand. It is the same in a business setting. Having many employees in your company helps a lot in terms of productivity. On the other hand, a company with a large population can be a disadvantage if not appropriately handled. But those disadvantages can turn into advantages if you have a useful management tool such as a Large Organizational Chart. Large Organizational Chart Templates are ready-made in A3 size here at Moreover, you'll find them in MS Word, Apple Pages, Adobe PDF, and Google Docs. Download and customize one now! 

How to Create a Large Organizational Chart?

A Large Organizational Chart shows the layout of an organization's internal structure. It depicts the roles, responsibilities, and relationships among the employees within an organization. This creative organizational chart guides employees to recognize who their team leaders, their other superiors, and their coworkers are within the company. Preparing for flexible and ready means of growth of the business gives us the answer as to why is organizational structure important. It also makes the addition of new staff for open positions easier because it serves as a locator of the company's needs.

Follow the steps below to meet those needs for your large organization.

1. Know your Company

You might just be working for a specific department of your company, so know how big your company is. Identify all the departments that are at work and how many staff are under their umbrella. It gives you the idea of how immense your Company Organizational Chart will be.

2. Collect Names and Positions

Make a list of all the staff's names and their positions in your company chart. For you to get organized, get the list by department so you won't have to waste your energy walking from office to office. Group people of the same department in one place so you won't have to look for the information later reluctantly. Make sure to generate a clear and complete list of it, especially the names, to avoid misspellings and make sure that you haven't missed anyone in every position.

3. Choose a Large Organizational Chart Template

Create or find a template for your business organization, or you may pick among the Large Organizational Chart templates we have prepared for you above. If you are from a hotel company, we have this ready-made Hotel Organizational Chart for you. It already includes designs, suggestive headings, and contents. All are available in size A3 and all file formats. All ready in landscape orientation style. These templates are downloadable, editable, and printable. Get one for free now!

4. Fill the Chart with Details

Transfer all the names and positions from your list to the organizational chart. Place them accordingly from top to bottom, department to subdepartments, CEO or the president of the company to the housekeeping department, if you are in the hotel business, or in the maintenance department of your company. Make sure no one is left out in each department in the organizational flow chart. You may also add photos of each staff if you see it's still suitable in your chart. You can add your company logo as well.

5. Manage the Organizational Chart's Design

If you want the design of your Large Organizational Chart customized, you can utilize the tools accessible in the file format that you have chosen. Or you can keep it simple. On the other hand, you can use our beautiful and ready-made design for your organizational chart template, so you have to worry no more.

6. Proofread your Chart

You are making a Large Organizational Chart, that's why you have to be extra careful. No matter how you wanted to finish this task immediately, never miss accomplishing this vital step. Make sure you overlooked nothing while making this Large Organizational Chart. Double-check the names and positions on your list if you have transcribed everything to the chart. Check if everything is legible and does not contradict with the template's design.

7. Print and Present

What you just made is a Printable Organizational Chart. Print it in any printing material or present it to your organization through a PowerPoint presentation or a report. You may support it with a Department Organizational Chart to make it more comprehensive. Check out more templates you can use for your large organization here on our website.

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