Massage Voucher Templates

Give Fathers and Mothers Some Relaxation Times During Father’s Day and Mothers Day in a Beauty and Body Massage Spa or Other Places. If You are Managing a Beauty and Massage Spa, Create Simple DIY Massage Vouchers by Downloading Our Free Printable and Blank Discount Voucher Templates on See more

Getting more customers to try your professional spa services requires a creative marketing technique. You can get customers to bite your offers by giving them special discounts through vouchers. Are you having a hard time making your massage voucher? If you are, then don't worry, we're here to back you up. We offer beautifully-designed, professionally made and 100% cuztomizable massage voucher templates that are made available in 8.5x4 inches with Bleed sizes and in Illustrator, Apple Pages, Publisher, MS Word, and Photoshop file formats. These high-quality templates are made to be easily editable and printable, plus it is made accessible for you, anytime, anywhere. Never waver! Download and subscribe now!

What is a Massage Voucher? 

Generally, a voucher is a small printed document that can be exchanged for goods or services. Voucher also allows the proprietor to have a discount and it has no direct cash value, however, it can be directly exchanged for goods or services. A massage voucher are usually given out in certain conditions as a gift card during holiday seasons such as mother's day, father's day, and valentine's day. 

How to Create a Massage Voucher

According to Khalid Saleh in his How Discounts Affect Online Consumer Buying Behavior [Infographic], more than 70% of US Internet users claim that discounts have the biggest effect on purchase decisions during holidays. Moreover, 83% of respondents said that they were "somewhat likely" or "very likely" to click an ad posted online that offers a discount or a promo. Using a voucher is a good marketing technique to sell your product or services to your target market. If you have a spa or a salon business, then vouchers would be useful for you. The following are the guidelines that you can use in creating a massage voucher:

1. Use our Massage Voucher Template

The challenge in making your massage voucher is to fit all the designs, images, and content in a small piece of paper. The features of your voucher can also affect the decisions of your target market, therefore you should strive to be creative! However, if you are not confident enough with your craft, then you can use our premium voucher templates. Why would you start from scratch when all you have to do is to download and replace some details with your business details? 

2. Deal with the Content

Indicate in your content the type of service you are going to offer with a discount—like a foot massage, deep tissue massage, or full body massage. Make sure that the font you will use in emphasizing the discounted service will stand out among other details found in your printable voucher. Furthermore, do not forget to emphasize the equivalent worth of your massage voucher. Most importantly, put the name and the logo of your salon.

3. Terms and Conditions

It is vital to put terms and conditions in your massage voucher, so the proprietor will know its scope and the limitations. Indicate important details such as the number of times that the voucher will be used and its validity subsequent to the date purchased. 

4. Get in Touch 

The transaction between you and your client doesn't stop, especially if they liked the services that you have shown to them. At the back portion of your massage voucher, you can indicate your contact details such as phone number, business, address, and your email address, so they can get in touch with you, as well as you can get in touch with them.

5. Put a Traceable Code

A spa voucher would be a perfect gift to your love ones who like discounts and who have had hectic schedules to deal with. The purpose of putting a voucher number is to track how many people availed to your promo. Using a code will also avoid the repetitive use of the voucher and prevent any possibility of fraud.