"If you can't stand the heat, don't stay in the kitchen." Offices can be brutal and bloody battlefields. Conflict can arise every day, and pressure can be applied anywhere. Thankfully, we have office managers who help make everyone's job more manageable, and the communication between the high and low-level employees is bridged. Good office managers are essential to the health of the work environment. Without them, everything is just pure chaos. If you are an office administrator looking to become part of a company's administrative department, but can't find the right way to woo them, then you are looking at the right place. With our examples of Office Manager Cover Letter, you are sure to tickle your recruitment team's funny bones. Subscribe today and gain access to cover letter examples made by professionals.

What is an Office Manager Cover Letter?

According to Career Explorer, an office manager is someone who makes sure that a company's process runs smoother. That person takes care of all administrative duties and office management, be it copy editing, support, filing of paperwork. Sometimes, office managers cannot do the task alone and may need an assistant to run the office. If you're an entry-level or experienced applicant vying for a managerial position in a company, an office manager cover letter boosts your chances of getting hired. It allows the applicant an opportunity to explain or expound more on what's written in the resume. But how do you write an office manager cover letter?

How To Make a Compelling Office Manager Cover Letter

So, you might be wondering, "I can already explain what's in my resume through an interview. Do I have to write a cover letter?" The answer? Yes. Though some recruiters nowadays say cover letter may not be as necessary as it was before, it still matters to most of them. So for you to give your application the boost that it needs, you have to submit that cover letter. Take a look at our steps below for a few quick tips on how to write an office manager cover letter that will tickle your recruiter's funny bones.

1. Address It to the Right Recipient.

It's a golden rule to find out who the hiring manager of the company is. So with that being said, do your research. Information is already at your fingertips, so start using them. Data mining is easier with technology. Make use of social media avenues like LinkedIn. Once the hiring manager sees his name on the letter, you are sure to give an excellent first impression.

2. Catch Their Attention!

If you want the recruitment team to continue reading your cover letter, give them something to chew on in the first paragraph. Let them know why you are the best fit for the job.

3. Support Details, Please.

You already provided them the "why." Now, support that with facts. Let your cover letter shine with the awards, achievements, and results of your proposals in your previous company.

4. Any Other Qualifications?

In the third paragraph, provide them with other qualifications that would be beneficial to your job application. It could be a certification or a degree. Anything that cannot fit in the second paragraph. But try to make it even shorter this time.

5. Goodbye, But Not Really.

Close the letter with a sweet goodbye. Appreciate the recruitment team's time for reading your message and tell them you await their response.

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