There are many ways to portray a company's administration and employee management. One way is with an office organizational chart. This specific type of table is a commonly used method of presentation for a business's board of directors, and the corporate structure may use a small business, an organization, or a company. To assist you in creating this chart are our 100% customizable, high-quality, and easily editable Office Organizational Chart Templates. Our templates come in many designs such as interior design office organizational chart, front office organizational chart, and more. All our models are downloadable in any file format you want in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and PDF. Make a move, download our templates now!

What Is An Office Organizational Chart?

An Office Organizational Chart (also known as organigram) is an illustrative representation that signifies the relationships between the ranks of the personnel depending on the job description required in the company. There is no doubt in the importance of an office organizational chart as it enables everyone to visualize the harmony of the totality of an organization.

How To Create An Office Organizational Chart?

To systematically arrange your personnel, you need to have an office or business organizational chart. Talking about organizing, you need to follow organized steps to achieve a personal office organizational chart. Need not to worry as you are fortunate that you are in the right place. Read this article further and discover the art of office organizational chart making.

1. Make Staff Checklist

When creating your organizational chart, you must first collect and list all the information of every employee working in the office. Make an employee checklist with their names, job title, date hired, the status of the employee, and whom they are reporting. Then, make an analysis and sort everything out; from the highest-ranked personnel down to the lowest.

2. Decide Its Format

Take note that you want to arrange your chart to make it presentable, so decide as to what kind of format you will use. There are three types of organizational charts that you can use—hierarchal organizational chart, vertical organizational chart, and horizontal organizational chart. But a better way for your organizational chart orientation that is commonly using mix horizontal and vertical aspects. For the top of your table, you can make use of flat boxes. For its footer, make use of vertical boxes. Then, make the shapes equivalent to each other in sizes. It will result in a more neat and tidy office organizational chart. Afterward, set the space between each box equivalent.

3. Add The Information

After setting up the shapes, you can now start filling it in. Get your staff list template and carefully place each employee on the boxes. First, label your office and department organizational chart. Then, sort the data out from the head manager, reservations manager, relations manager, chief concierge, reception manager, and auditor. Below are the reservation staff, guest relation supervisor, concierge, reception supervisor, reception staff, bell staff, and valet attendant.

4. Insert Design Elements

As you format your office organizational chart, you can now insert design elements that would surely fit its concept. You can enhance your boxes and put some shadow effects to it. Then, add complementing colors accordingly. You can base the colors on the position and use a variety of colors. Also, make use of fonts that are eligible and appealing. There is also an option that you can do—download an office organizational chart template. In this article, we provide you, models that are beautifully-designed and professionally-written, so you need not worry about creating a company organizational chart.

5. Have Room For More

Once you have your printable organizational chart all set and ready to display, always have room for one more. The more, the merrier they say. Having more on the team can increase the office's functionality and productivity as part of the company plan. Never miss out on that chance and give it a go!

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