Romantic Voucher Templates

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Romantic vouchers can really help your business get more customers and increase revenue. Want to know how you can easily create some? Then you've come to the right place. We have a wide variety of Romantic Voucher Templates for you to download and use whenever you want. They're guaranteed to help you attract new customers as well as satisfy your already existing ones. Each one is 100% customizable, easily editable, beautifully designed, professionally made, and printable for your convenience. Know that they can be opened and edited with user-friendly software such as  MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher, and Apple Pages. As for their size, they're available in 8.5×4 inches with Bleed. Save yourself the time and download any of these professionally made templates and be sure to sign up for any of our subscription plans now!

What Is a Romantic Voucher?

Romantic vouchers are typically used by customers in order to acquire products or services or discounts for them. The history of romantic cards and vouchers show that they're mainly gifted by those who are willing to show genuine affection to a loved one. Vouchers may pamper the holder through the discount given. Know that the majority provided by businesses only allow for single use. 

How to Make a Romantic Voucher

romantic voucher template

Remember that a good romantic voucher is one that can easily attract customers into acquiring them. If you have decided that your business is going to start providing them, then you'll want to follow these steps in order to start on their creation:

1. Voucher Design

It's up to you to decide what designs your vouchers will have. First, you'll need to make sure that whatever image you'll be using matches with the theme. So when making romantic gift vouchers, you can add the clip art of hearts, a picture of a couple, or even a bouquet of flowers. Take note that you can also focus on the love between family members when thinking of the design. Know that you can always look up samples of romantic vouchers so that you'll have an idea as to what yours should look like.

2. Purpose of the Voucher Offers

Decide what services and products your customers can gain when using the voucher. Some examples would be vouchers that allow a dinner for two, a holiday trip for the whole family, entrance to an event made for lovers, freebies for those who are single and much more. The number of ideas that you can come up with are endless. How you go about this will depend entirely on what your business can offer. If you're making a discount voucher, then consider the percentage that will be discounted and what items the voucher will be tied to.

3. Business Information

It's best that you include information about your business into your romantic voucher. This ensures that users can contact you should they have any questions or concerns. What you'll want to place is your business's name, contact number, email address, and even its website if it has one. Also, include your business logo as it's very helpful for spreading your brand to potential customers. 

4. Instructions

Instructions on how the voucher or coupon should be used are usually found at the back. Make sure that whatever you type in can easily be comprehended and is straight to the point. This ensures that the customer knows exactly how to gain the benefits the voucher provides. Keep things simple in order to avoid things from getting needlessly complicated.

5. Terms and Conditions

What terms and conditions should you put into your romantic voucher?  It's like making a legal agreement between you and the customer regarding what it is that can and cannot be done. Include information such as the duration in which the voucher can be used, whether or not it's transferable, the branches it can be used, if it can be exchanged for cash, etc. 

6. Proofread Your Voucher

After putting everything that your sample voucher needs, you need to review it for errors. Check to make sure that you didn't make miss even a single mistake as you want to provide your customers with your best work. After proofreading, you can then print out the amount you need. 

7. Distribution

Choose a channel for your distribution. Think about who your target market is and where they are usually located. It's also best to consider other factors such as the number of couples and the best time in which you should start distributing the printable vouchers