If you are treated unfairly in your school or job, whether it was intentional or accidental, you can always make an appeal to review and reconsider decisions. Make a formal and polite appeal with a letter, choose one from our vast collection of Appeal Letter Templates. Whether you are a student or an employee, you will get the perfect letter you need in this range. Every sample in this collection contains original content that you can edit and customize. These templates are also printable. Save your time and effort and send an appeal instantly now. Subscribe now to start downloading! 

How to Write an Appeal Letter?

Some may view an appeal letter intimidating if it includes a contradictory statement. It is contrary to a complaint letter. It is a formal letter that addresses concerns and requests. If you wanted to appeal for the dismissal of your admission to the university or to the financial aid that your insurance company offers, use this letter. Write one now following these simple tips given below:

1. Review Appeal Process

It is given that a school or company follows a fine appeal process. So, give it a peek and review its content. Dig into the information required in writing the letter. It may consume your time, but doing this would ensure you that your appeal letter would adhere to the legal compliance.

2. Know your Recipient’s Information

To make sure that you are sending your letter into the righteous recipient, you need to know the basic information of your addressee. Know their name, school or company name, address, designation, contact number, and email address.

3. Explain your Concern

Your aim in writing this formal letter is to reconsider the decision of your recipient, make sure to explain your concern. Remember that you are justifying the unjust, so make it happen by including only facts. Showing evidence would give your appeal a higher chance of reconsideration. Also, do not be afraid to admit your mistakes for the recipient may take away grievances that would affect the decision.

4. Describe Why the Decision is Unfair

You need to remain calm and composed in doing this. It is given that you are passionate in appealing, especially on important cases, but avoid being absorbed and overly emotional. Be objective in narrating a list of reasons why the decision is unfair or problematic to you.

5. Suggest your Desired Outcome

After justifying why the decision is unfair, you can now have a brief outline of the outcome that you wanted. You can add a clause in the decision, instead of overturning it or else, it would not be complicated for you and your recipient.

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