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How to Reject Your Job Applicants Kindly

Hiring managers and potential employers always look into tons of job applications. However, not all job applicants make it to the cut so there is nothing recruiters or hiring managers can do but reject them. Sending a follow-up rejection letter to these applicants should be done politely, however.As much as applicants are expected to be professional during the hiring process so should the respective hiring personnel. The improper handling of rejecting an application may not only be discouraging to an applicant but may also negatively affect the company’s reputation. To assist you in this process, we are offering the following guidelines.

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When to Reject a Job Applicant

Job applicants always tend to question why their applications are being rejected. While hiring managers justify and play fair with their reasons, job applicants should also know when could they possibly be rejected.

Below are common instances that lead to a job applicant’s rejection:

  • Overqualified  Some applicants do not carefully look into the standard qualifications set by hiring ads. They just apply for the job for the sake of it and find out later in their interview that they are considered overqualified by hiring managers.
  • Under-qualified – Having the direct opposite of what has been previously stated, companies would definitely reject under qualified job applicants. Rejection letters in PDF could provide for a polite way of communicating implied rejection for a certain job.
  • Inadequate experience – In cases where experience is prioritized rather than the rest of the qualifications, employers might have the choice to reject an applicant who doesn’t have a lot of experience. Reflected in rejection letter templates are the general methods of delivering this type of news to an applicant.

Tips on How to Reject Job Applicants Kindly

It would not be pleasing for any company to turn down their applicants in a rude way. Job rejection letter sample may already mean something negative to applicants, but companies must always look for ways to soften the blow of a rejection.

Here are tips on how to reject job applicants kindly:

  • Follow-Up Call  As soon as hiring assessment procedures are over, always make it to a point to reach out to your applicants the soonest time possible. It would be of great help to let hopeful applicants know the status of their application right away.
  • Rejection Letter – Letters may take quite a while before it could reach out to recipients which in this case are the applicants. Despite the slow progress of reaching out, rejection letters make an ideal and professional mode of rejecting applicants kindly. We suggest you take a quick look at a rejection letter sample and fill out your customized rejection letter in templates of rejection letters in DOC file format for your convenience.
  • Straight-to-the-Point Messages – Whether you plan to give rejected applicants a call or a letter, it is important that your message should be straightforward and not beat around the bush. If you message is to give them a rejection, might as well avoid lengthy discussions they no longer need.

It is always important to leave a positive impression despite the intention to reject applicants. Employers should treat them with respect and professionalism at all times.


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