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How to Write Follow-Up Rejection Letter

There is nothing wrong with sending out a follow-up letter right after you’ve been turned down for a job you really wanted. The decision in itself could require you extra work and effort but a follow up rejection letter would help you respond to a job rejection letter sent to you.

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It may be unfortunate to have been rejected for a job you couldn’t quit too soon but you should always consider maintaining formal ties even after the result of your application. A follow-up rejection letter could serve as a notification to hiring managers that you have duly accepted their company’s decision.

Inclusions of a Follow-up Rejection Letter

Know the basic inclusions of a follow-up rejection letter and learn to write one to notify your prospective bosses that their decision has reached your understanding.

Here are the basic inclusions of an efficient follow-up rejection letter:

  • Recipient – By the time you decide to write a follow-up rejection letter, you would already know whom to send the letter to. Whose personal identification details appear in the letter sent first hand should be your recipient respectively. A rejection letter template is particular with the right person to address the letter to.
  • Content – Embodied in your letter content should be a sentence or 2 informing that you have been notified of the rejection of your application. This could directly be followed with words of appreciation perhaps for considering your application and making it to the shortlist. Nonetheless, be thankful your application has made it that far.
  • Opportunities – Wrap up your letter with a positive contention to lighten up the mood of your letter despite your full acceptance of the rejection. While you write rejection letters in DOC file format, you could always talk about being open to other opportunities should there be other applications you could fulfill for them.

Tips on How to Write the Perfect Follow-up Rejection Letter

Aside from downloading formal rejection letter templates that guarantee the all the inclusions enumerated above, there are certain tips that could help you come up with presentable and meaningful follow-up rejection letters.

Below are tips on how to polish your rejection letters and in any other file format:

  • Don’t get too emotional with your letter. A job rejection may be something to get really emotional about but it shouldn’t be reflected in your follow-up rejection letter. Writing a rejection letter is already enough emotion appropriate for the circumstances you have encountered.
  • Get your intentions straight. Don’t go running in circles with your letter intent when the main purpose is just to notify your recipient about the job rejection. At the same time, you would only intend to let them know that you appreciate their effort of reaching out to you to inform you of your rejection.
  • Don’t write in a negative tone. Always maintain a neutral tone all throughout your letter. Be very particular about how it would be interpreted by your readers. Creating a positive impression is still important despite dealing with negative matters.

You are most likely to write efficient follow-up rejection letters with the tips provided for you above. Incorporating essential inclusions would create an even ideal letter to send out to employers you were supposed to work with. Either way, you have gained information on how to write the perfect follow-up rejection letter.

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