20+ Letter Templates – PDF, DOC, Excel

Make your letters look aesthetically pleasing and formally correct by using our specially designed sample letter templates for letter writing. These word doc templates come in various designs depending on the type of letter you are interested to write. Labels such as address, date, and signature are added for you to put in and make your letters look interesting.

Business Letter Template

Business letters help in facilitating relations with customers, between other business partners, and clients. Thus its necessary for these word letters to look professional and it needs to appeal to other customers/clients/partners on its first look. Our letter sample templates for business come with the necessary layout and designs for making the letters seem business-like.

Sample Business Letter for All Type of Business


Thank You for Your Business Sample Letter

Cover Letter Template

Impress your employer with our varied examples of letter templates for covering letters. Our various designs and layout will make you stand out from others when presenting your best CV infront of your employers for instance. These sample templates are standard, conservative yet will make you stand out in the eyes of your employer.

Resignation Letter Template

The easiest way to resign from your job besides meeting face to face is by simply giving a resigning letter. Our letter sample templates for resignation are designed for this specific purpose and will give your letter the reserved look and feel yet appearing to be professional. To use our resignation letter sample templates download now!

Sample of Resignation Letter Template in Detailed to Quit Job


Application Letter Template

Whenever you are applying for a job, your letter and your CV needs to be attractive and yet should look professional. Our specialized sample templates will allow you to project your qualities and will also allow you to give the necessary respect required to your employers. Download these word doc templates to make your application letter [Job] captivating.

Sample Application Letter Template with Email Support

Reference Letter Template

A reference letter is normally drafted to substantiate the skills, character and development of a person. Reference Letters are put in use in multiple situations and are a formal manifestation of the personality of an individual. Our word doc sample Reference Letter Templates helps the user streamline the most useful information about him in a sequential order and provides a proper structure in which the character and behavior of the user is brought out in a succinct manner.

Sample Reference Letter for Employment Recommendation


Offer Letter Template

Writing a good offer letter is an art that is very difficult to master. Our word doc Offer Letter Templates incorporate the basic essentials such as the name, title and date and offers a short space to enter the relevant information along with a full page for customized content, which included the name of the sender, the salary information and other relevant details.

Sample Offer Letter Template from HR – DOC Download


Letter of Recommendation Template

Drafting a Letter of Recommendation can often prove to be a cumbersome task, especially if you do not know what to include and what to leave out. Our word doc model Letter Recommendation Templates allow you to provide your personal information, you relation to the individual you are recommending and their specific skills and qualifications. Additionally, it also allows you to incorporate your contact details for easy follow-up procedures.

Sample Letter of Recommendation in DOC


Graduate School Recommendation Letter Template

Grievance Letter Templates

A grievance letter is a formal way of bringing any complaint you might have to your employer. Our Grievance Letter Templates allow you to firstly enlist the grievance you are facing and then move on to the previous steps taken to redress the same and potential solutions in the future to mitigate the nature of the grievance being caused to you. You may also seeĀ Free Cover Letter Templates.

Formal Grievance Letter Template


Retirement Letter Template

Retiring on the right note is an absolute necessity and our Retirement Letter Templates help you accomplish that goal. Our word doc sample templates provide you with ample space to briefly illustrate the developments that led to your retirement and also help in communicating your willingness to assist in the streamlining process. They lend a dignified look to your letter and allow you to express gratitude and offer assurances for the future.

Letter of Resignation Retirement Template


Microsoft Word Teacher Retirement Letter Template


Letter Writing Template

Writing a letter is not as easy as it sounds on paper. With people writing letters for various purposes across the world, our Letter Writing Templates offer you the correct guidance in finding the appropriate format for every word doc letter that you write. Providing examples and displaying the correct layout, our templates assist you in incorporating your content under the structure already established.

Professional Letter Template

There is nothing like a printed Business letter to make a statement of intent to the other party. With our illustrative Professional Letter Template free, you are provided with multiple options like selection of a professional letter head, using the standard word doc format to write your letter in, making use of colors to bring out essential points and proofreading your letter before giving your assent to it in its final form.

Professional Resignation Letter Template


Motivation Letter Template

Motivation Letters help in building a strong first impression when you are applying for a job. Our Motivation Letter Templates allow you to leave an everlasting first impression by streamlining your areas of interest and providing specific field for you to incorporate your customized content in your word doc. Our templates have a standard letter prepared by default which you can add on to or customize as per your needs. You may also seeĀ Sample Letter Templates.

Sales Motivation Letter in Word Doc Download


Sample Employee Motivation Letter Template in Word


Letter of Intent Template

A letter of intent illustrates the objective of a party in relation to another. Our model Letter of Intent Templates can be used in a variety of situations from business negotiations to acceptance of a formal offer and as such help you in keeping the tone of the letter flexible, providing safeguards in the event of the deal or the offer collapsing.

Sample Letter of Intent for Nursing Program

Graduate School Application Letter of Intent Sample


Termination Letter Template

Termination Letters have often proved to be the most efficacious way in directly informing the employee of the reasons behind his termination. Our sample word doc Termination Letter Templates helps you in keeping the tone of the letter neutral, providing you with multiple phrases to rationally delineate the reasons behind the termination without launching a full frontal diatribe against the employee. It helps in the smooth restructuring of the workforce of the organization.

Sample of Cobra Termination Letter in Word Format


Terminating Tenancy Letter by Landlord in Word


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