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Letter templates have two main objectives: they ensure you deliver quality results and save you a lot of time. A letter template has a wider scope of use. In fact, since the introduction of letter templates number of businesses, companies and individuals have embraced the power of these templates because of their effectiveness. A letter can be formal or informal. The type of letter you compose depends on who exactly the recipient of the content is.

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Cover Letter Templates


A cover letter template is reusable. So, if you are applying for a job at different companies, you might want to use a PDF or word letter template to generate multiple cover letters with ease. Then format is standardized, so the layout will remain for every cover letter you write. The only thing that will be different is the body section of the letter. [20+ Cover Letter Template]

Resignation Letter Templates


Even if you hate your job, walking out the office doors and never showing up the following day isn’t often the best way to quit the job. The best you can do to part ways professionally is to us a resignation letter template to write a special resignation letter. There many PDF and Word letter templates; choose one, and download for free. [40+ Resignation Letter Template]

Letter of Recommendation Templates


Companies, businesses and institutions of higher learning shouldn’t deny employees and students recommendation letters. In fact, a recommendation letter template can help you prepare a quick recommendation letter for anyone who needs it. The recommendation letter should be positive; it must reflect the big picture about the requester – write a recommendation letter only for a person that you know. [28+ Letter of Recommendation Template]

Business Letter Templates


Business Letter Template information often gives a summary of a new startup. It is communicate your intention to start a business. You can use this letter to get financial aid from different financiers for your new startup. Every template has a standardized format, and no single template is better than the other is. [45+ Business Letter Templates]

Reference Letter Templates


You already know what a reference letter template PDF is, except you don’t utilize its full potential because you don’t know its benefits. As a potential employee looking for a new job, you can ask or referral letters from different professionals to help you with job hunting. This way, you will be able to know the kind of company that is worth your time. [35+ Reference Letter Templates]

Formal Letter Templates


Once you download a single excel, word or PDF formal letter template, you will never have to worry about creating an outline again. Companies who frequently write official letters can rely on a single standard outline for their letter writing. Templates save time, so you should invest in them as often as you can. [12+ Formal Letter Template]

Offer Letter Templates


Hiring the right talent for your company is the only way to climb the ladder of success. An offer letter template can help you bring the right talents onboard. Make sure you include the best labor deals for the person of your interests. Promise good remuneration every end of the month. You will be glad you hired the individual because of their great talents. [9+ Offer Letter Template]

Thank you Letter Templates


Not everyone says thank you for kindness and favors, and that is because not all of us really see the essence of these three words. Indeed, saying thank you can open up new windows of opportunity, connect you with likeminded people, and win you new favors. A thank you letter template Word or PDF can help you draft bulk letters at once. Download the template for free today. [40+ Thank You Letter Templates]

Christmas Letter Templates


Christmas is a beautiful time of the year. People come together to celebrate the birth of a Biblical King. Your family can use Christmas letter templates in word or PDF format to send special thanksgiving and love letters to friends and members of the extended families. The templates are free to download. [9+ Christmas Letter Template]

Letter of Intent Templates


A letter of intent template is perhaps the most frequently used writing tool in companies, businesses and organizations. Leaders at the company can use this template to write letters to their juniors with an intention of introducing a change or a project. Employees can use the template to write letters signifying their intention to start a new project or quit their jobs. [10+ Letter of Intent Template]

Termination Letter Templates


Sometimes the best decision you can make is to send an employee away. CEOs don’t often take pride in sending loyal employees away, but should circumstances force them to do so, they should use termination letter templates to send an employer out of the company politely and professionally. The template is free to download in PDF and Word format. [15+ Termination Letter Templates]

Letter of Employment Templates


Your company will need a letter of employment template almost every week or every month. So, instead of creating an outline every time you want to send a potential employee a letter of employment, you can download and save a special word or PDF letter template in your PC, and use it every time you want to send a letter to a potential employee. [30+ Employment Letter Templates]

Notice Letter Templates


Use a notice letter template to communicate your intention to quit then job in the most humble and professional way. The content of the letter must be convincing; tell your boss why you intend to quit the job, and the reason behind the notice. Even if you are not the most loyal employee at the company, your boss will definitely understand your grief. [23+ Notice Letter Templates]

Demand Letter Templates


You have the freewill to use your demand letter template to write a letter demanding compensation of damages caused by a careless insured individual. The sample word letter will act as a polite notice and request to the insurance company to compensate you for the damaged cause; it does not have to involve the law at all, unless otherwise. [10+ Demand Letter Template]

Cease and Desist Letter Templates


Credit companies and third party lenders often call their clients to remind them about the debts they are yet to pay. The regular calls are often stressful and could put you in a state of tension. You can download a custom cease and desist letter template, and use to write a cease and desist note to your creditor. They will stop calling you after they receive this letter. [8+ Cease and Desist Letter Template]

Complaint Letter Templates


A complaint letter template can be used in so many different ways. Customers can use it complain about a recently delivered or purchased products, and employees can use it as a professional way of expressing their dissatisfaction about their workplace. Download the template in word, excel or PDF format for free. [30+ Complaint Letter Templates]

Donation Letter Templates


Write a donation letter if you need support from well-wishers. A donation letter template already has a standard format, so the only thing you need to do is to enter relevant information in the body section. The letter can be general – it should be most of the time. Get a free template today and write a donation note with ease. [10+ Donation Letter Template]

Retirement Letter Templates


When the time comes to retire from your job, you will have no choice than to let it go. And you will have to write a letter, so you should consider downloading and using a sample retirement letter template. The template has a standard format for all formal retirements, so all you need to focus on is the body of the letter. [10+ Retirement Letter Template]

Acceptance Letter Templates


An acceptance letter template is a unique letter written by an employee to a company signifying that they have accepted a situation at hand. Usually, it is more like a resignation kind of letter; the employee agrees that they are willing to resign and leave the company. The letter must be accurate and on point. [10+ Acceptance Letter Template]

Letter of Introduction Templates


A letter of introduction template can help you to tell about yourself and your job skills to someone you have never spoken to before. This letter often stands alone. In that case, you need to make sure you are as descriptive as possible. You should include interesting facts about you so that the person reading will want to know more about you. [8+ Letter of Introduction Template]

Sponsorship Letter Templates


A sponsorship letter template is available for free download. You can use it to ask for sponsorship assistance from well-wishers. The template can be customized to look personal, but make sure that the information provided is accurate and on point. The last thing you want to do is to provide false information. [9+ Sponsorship Letter Template]

Proposal Letter Templates


Although you can just go straight to writing a proposal, a proposal letter template can help you ensure that you will write the very best proposal. This letter oft gives an overview of the proposal you intend to write. So, it must therefore be clear, easy to understand and concise. [10+ Proposal Letter Template]

Eviction Letter Templates


An eviction letter template will help you send someone out of your property in the right way. It is important to remember that you must not evict someone on the go; it is against the law, and that someone might sue you for such an act. An eviction letter helps you send that person that you don’t like out of your property in a professional way. [8+ Eviction Letter Template]

Fundraising Letter Templates


Getting sponsors to support your project will be difficult, but a professionally written letter, detailing the exact reason for the fundraising, can grab the attention of well-wishers who can help you get the contribution you need. You can download a fundraising letter template and use for free to prepare this letter, and send to whom it concerns. [10+ Fundraising Letter Template]

Notarized Letter Templates


A notarized letter template is the one you sign in front of a witness for authenticity. The sign acts as a symbol that you have willingly agreed to let someone take an action on your behalf. For example, you can sign this letter when you want someone to rule over your child, or when you want someone to help dispute a bank transaction. [8+ Notarized Letter Template]

Appeal Letter Templates


Going behind bars is an ugly. So, if you don’t want to sleep in that cell for more than yet another one month or week, you must have your lawyer write an appeal letter on your behalf. An appeal letter template can help. It helps you and your lawyer tell your side of the story in the most professional way possible. [10+ Appeal Letter Template]

Sales Letter Templates


A sales letter template is a valuable writing that can be used by many businesses to write product descriptions. Generally, the word, PDF or excel template can be used to not only introduce a new product or service, but also to outline sales and current offers to customers (the target market). [9+ Sales Letter Template]


You can get a legal letter template in two ways: create one yourself or download an already made package from the internet. The latter option often seem best, because once you download an already made template, you can use the same format template every time you need to write a new letter. [9+ Legal Letter Template]

Parent Letter Templates


Saying thank you to mommy and daddy is necessary. They may not have done big things in your life, but, surely, they deserve a thank you for the little they have done. Why not use a special parent letter template in PDF or word file format to write them a special thanksgiving note! It will take only a few minutes of your time. [10+ Parent Letter Template]

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