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Because you are going to send out many letter to different well-wishers, using a donation letter template will help you to not only write the letters quickly, but also they will save you a lot of time. A good letter of intent template should be good enough to help you communicate why you need the donation, and what you intend to do with it.

Free Thank You Letter for Donation Template


Basic Donation Letter Template Editable PDF Format | Donation letters and notifications are mostly sent by non for profit organizations or other social organizations that tend to channelize funds from people to needy citizens. Donation letters should ideally contain key information - the key projects and initiatives which has been launched by the organization, and the process by which people can contribute.

Thank You Letter For Donation PDF Download | A thank you note in the form of a letter in exchange of donation is always recommended as it shows gratitude on the support generated by the donor. Thank you letters, apart from thanking and showing gratefulness to the donor, should also mention the use that the donation has been put to, and its usefulness and importance in the life of the person.

Letter Asking For Donations Word Doc Download | Letters for donation or sponsorships need to be drafted well in order to create the sense of credibility and authenticity in the minds of the donors. Such letters of seeking donation should be crisp and cogent and should mention the use that the money would be put in. A couple of instances or citations of their previous engagements could prove beneficial.

Letter Requesting Donations for School Word Format | Donation request letter could also be used in order to seek funds for any CSR events which may have been organized in the city or nearby rural & under-developed areas. In such letters, it is important to describe the venture and the previous engagements and activities organized by the community, and also the use to which the funds would be put to.

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How to Write a Letter when Making a Donation?

When making a donation to a charity, educational institution etc, it is always advisable to enclose the donation check along with a donation notice letter. Here is how you can write a letter when making a donation in case you are not using the Donation Letter Templates.

  • At the top, write your address and other contact information. This will come in handy for the institution that may want to send you a receipt or an acknowledgement letter.
  • Then write the date on which you are writing the letter.
  • Next should be the address of the institution to which the donation is being made.
  • The salutation should preferably be the name of the institution.
  • Then write the content enclosing the details of the donation and the cause for which it is being made.
  • End the letter with your signature and name.

How to Write a Letter Requesting for Food Donations?

Asking for donations of any kind can be quite tricky as you need to understand the pulse of the donor and strike the right chord. So, whether you are writing a letter requesting financial assistance from church or asking for food donations, you should ensure that the letter be drafted in the perfect manner. Here is how you can write a letter asking for food donations or any kind of donations for that matter.

  • Give an elaborate account of what the donation is for and the purpose for which it will be used.
  • Do not write a long letter. Instead keep it precise and concise.
  • Before mailing the letter, make sure to include a self addressed envelope to make it easier for the donor to mail the check.
  • It is important that the donation request letter is signed by someone in your organization.
  • Once you receive the donation, use a Donation Acknowledgement Letter Templates in order to thank the donor.

What to Write in a Memorial Donation Proposal Letter?

Writing a memorial donation proposal letter in memory of a loved one or an inspirational figure is a great way to acknowledge them and ensure that the society remembers them. However, when writing a donation proposal letter, it is important to pay some attention to what content you include in the letter. Here are some tips that can come in handy when drafting such a document.

  • When writing the letter to make the donation in the memory of a person, make sure to write the details in such a manner that you make it clear to the readers that the deceased was a special person. However, there is no need to make this a long paragraph. A concise account should be enough.
  • There is nothing wrong in mentioning the donation amount. This would actually prove beneficial to you in securing a receipt that can then be used for tax deduction purposes.
  • Conclude the letter by expressing your emotions and why you chose the particular charity to make the donation.

The charities in turn can use the Sample Donation Thank-You Letters to thank the person or organization for the donation made.


Donation letters are written for a wide range of purposes. It should be noted that the content of the letter varies based on the purpose for which it is written. No wonder then that you can find a wide range of Sample Donation Letters online that can actually simplify your task. Let us take a look at the purpose of donation letters.

  • To request a person or an organization to make a donation
  • To donate an amount to a charity, NGO or a social service agency
  • To acknowledge the receipt of a donation
  • To thank the donor for the donation made by him
  • To elaborate on the reason for making a donation
  • To donate an amount in the memory of a deceased


People use sample donation letters as well as Sample Thank You Letters for Donations in order to simplify the task of writing these letters. However, you might be thinking what the benefits of these letters are especially since the donation in made in cash, check or kind. Well, listed below are the benefits.

  • These allow the charities and NGOs to make a formal request to the prospective donors
  • These can be used by the donors to specify the amount donated as well as the reason or cause for which the donation is being made
  • These can come in handy as a record and can be stored away for future reference
  • These act as a proof for the donation made or received

Getting donations for a non-profit organization from well-wishers isn’t too common these days, and it isn’t easy either. But a professionally written letter template for requesting donation application can help build the profile of your organization, easily making you qualify for a donation.

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