7+ Sample Immediate Resignation Letter Templates

Before you write an immediate resignation letter, make sure you really want to quit that job. Employers don’t love double-minded laborers. Writing a Nursing Resignation Letter Templates is as difficult as making the decision to quit the job in question. The best thing you can do before deciding to quit, therefore, is to do some soul diagnosis to determine whether you should quit or you would rather just stay intact.

Immediate Resignation Letter Template


Employee Immediate Resignation Letter Free Word Format Download

sloaneassociates.com | The employee immediate resignation letter template is a small and simple resignation letter that just informs the employer of the employee’s decision of resigning effective immediately from the job he or she was holding.

Nurse Immediate Resignation Letter Example Template

The nurse immediate resignation letter template is a well detailed resignation letter template that can be used by any nurse working in the hospital or community clinic and wants to resign.

Illness Immediate Resignation Letter Sample PDF Download

famu.edu | The illness immediate resignation letter template in PDF is a well detailed resignation letter template used in A & M University in Florida which requires the details of the employee resigning due to illness.

Example Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Pregnancy

documentshub.com This is a sample template in which the candidate is submitting an immediate resignation letter due to her pregnancy. She has intentions to stay with her baby for the time being, but is open to joining the job in future. Although this is an immediate resignation letter, she is still giving one month’s notice to the employers, during which she will hand over her duties in an effective and responsible manner. If you are caught in such a situation, you can quickly download this template and make your own resignation letter within minutes.

Free Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Stress Example PDF Download

politico.com | This is an immediate resignation letter sent to an employer by his employee. The employee had already stopped coming to the office for a few days, and now he is sending his formal resignation letter to announce his withdrawal. Although he started working with the company on good terms, his stress levels increased high and his doctor suggested him to take rest. He also states some complaints that he has with the employers. He believed that they will be sorted out, but they haven’t. So, he is giving his immediate resignation letter to leave the job due to undue stress.

Don’t worry if you have never written a Resignation Letter Templates before. There are high quality word, excel and PDF sample letters that you can download and use as reference as you write yours.

Why Do You Need an Immediate Resignation Letter Template?

Usually, you need to give one month’s notice to the employers before quitting from a position. During this period, the employer can look for an alternative employee at the same position, and you also get some time to hand over your duties to another responsible person in the company. But sometimes, certain circumstances force an employee to leave his position instantaneously. Most commonly, such circumstances are related to the employee’s illness and other medical related problems. If the employee is not able to continue with the job even for a single day, then he is allowed to leave the job without any prior notice. These immediate resignation letter templates are designed by professionals to tell you how to create a good immediate resignation letter effectively.

When Do You Need an Immediate Resignation Letter Template?

The resignation letters designed for immediate resignations are created with utmost care, so as not to offend the employer, and still get permission to leave the job on positive terms. If you also need to leave a job immediately without giving a one month’s prior notice, you can use any of these templates to know how to create an effective immediate resignation letter. If you are ill, disabled or caught in any other unavoidable circumstance, you can send an immediate resignation letter to your employer, and hope that he will accept it without any legal complications.

Benefits of an Immediate Resignation Letter Template

The immediate resignation letter templates you will find here are designed by experienced professionals who know how to write such resignation letter effectively and convincingly. If you resign from a company without any notice, you have most chances of facing some nasty action from the employers. But if your resignation letter is written professionally, you are usually allowed to go. These templates will definitely save your time and money by making your job easier and faster.

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