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In the lifetime of your career as an educator and even beyond, you will receive very many requests from one student or the other to have you write for them a letter of recommendation for scholarship. It is good to accept such tasks most of the time, although writing a College Recommendation Letter bursary can be tedious sometimes. However, doing so in the face of certain circumstances may actually work negatively for both the student and you.You may also see recommendation letter for student template.

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship Template


Sample Recommendation Letter for the Rhodes Scholarship

willamette.edu | If a fellow student in your University is looking forward to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship, you can issue a letter of recommendation for him/her by customizing the Sample Recommendation Letter for the Rhodes Scholarship.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Family Friend

foundletters.com | A recommendation letter from a family friend is a simple but honest gesture in assisting you to make a mark in the professional or academic world. The layout of this format is simple and easy to edit and such letters can make a difference in the way the recruiters perceive you.

Editable Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Employer

coverlettersandresume.com | If your employees are looking forward to apply for scholarships, a recommendation letter from you could be quite a good gesture. You can simply download the Editable Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Employer and write out a few words of appreciation for your employee.

Printable Mitchell Scholarship Recommendation Letter PDF

The Mitchell Scholarship Recommendation Letter is a one pager printable template which can be effectively customized and prepared by the professors of the University to patronize the skill sets of their students.

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Mentor Example in Word Doc

chicago.medicine.uic.edu | In the lifetime of your career as a teacher and a mentor, you will receive numerous requests to write out a recommendation letter for your students for various scholarships, programs and courses. It is imperative that you duly write a detailed letter which they can use to their advantage. You can simply download the Recommendation Letter for Scholarship and edit the document to suit your students’ needs.

Sample Writing a Fulbright Scholarship Recommendation Letter PDF Format Download

Drafting a recommendation letter for your students can be cumbersome and time taking, therefore, if you receive such requests from your students, you can use the Sample Full bright Scholarship Recommendation Letter format and edit it to present to your students a document, which they will cherish.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship from Boss

Free Scholarship Recommendation Letter Template From Friend PDF

Download Recommendation Letter for Scholarship From Teacher PDF Example

Recommendation Letter for Student Scholarship


Recommendation Letter for Phd Scholarship


Letter of Recommendation for College Scholarship


Scholarship Recommendation Letter For a Guidance Counselor


Medical Scholarship Reference Letter


Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Request Form


School of Nursing Scholarship Letter of Recommendation


High School Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship


Personal Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship


Sample Scholarship Application Letter of Recommendation


Music Scholarship Audition Letter of Recommendation


Letter of Recommendation for Teacher Scholarship Program


Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship Format


Letter of Recommendation for Leadership Scholarship


How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship?

An effective letter of recommendation can help a person to gain a scholarship that would prove beneficial in offering him financial support for pursuing higher studies or improving his skills. It may also come in handy during immigration for people who may be moving overseas to secure the scholarship. The sample Academic Recommendation Letters will give you an idea of the format to follow when writing such letters. Here is how you can write a letter of recommendation for scholarship.

  • Make sure to mention how you know the person.
  • The evaluation and skills of the person that you discuss in the letter should be in accordance with the requirements of the scholarship.
  • When talking about the talents of the person, citing some examples would be a great idea.

Do you need Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships?

Yes, a letter of recommendation is an important part of any scholarship. It can be written by a teacher, a professor, an employer or a co-worker. In case you need some idea as to how this letter should be written, you can take a look at the various Coworker Recommendation Letter Templates that are available online. A recommendation from a person who has a firsthand experience of knowing and working with the person can actually improve his chances of gaining the scholarship. However, it is equally important that the writer of the letter follows the regulations that have been prescribed by the scholarship committee.

Types of Letters of Recommendation

There are a wide range of letters of recommendation that can come in handy for people to gain special benefits and provisions. Let us take a look at what these are.

  • Academic Recommendation Letter: This comes in handy for a student who might be trying to secure admission into a prestigious college or an elite course.
  • Employment Recommendation Letter: This letter can be designed using Employee Recommendation Letter Templates and proves beneficial for a person who might be trying to find a new job or gain a promotion.
  • Scholarship Recommendation Letter: This comes in handy for a person who is trying to gain a scholarship for higher studies.
  • Character Recommendation Letter: This letter is usually used by people looking for accommodation or adoption of a child.

What should be Included in a Letter of Recommendation for College Scholarship?

If you really want to help a student gain a college scholarship, it is important that you write an effective letter of recommendation. Now, in order for the letter to be an effective one, you need to ensure that you include all the essential sections and information in the letter while also following the proper format. As far as the format is concerned, you can get an idea of this by referring to the High School Recommendation Letter Templates that are available online. Here is a list of all that should be included in the letter.

  • Details of the student
  • Your experience of working with him
  • The student’s potential
  • His skills and talents cited with examples
  • Why you think he deserves the scholarship

Tips for Writing Recommendation Letter for Students’ Scholarship

In order to write an effective recommendation letter that would help a student to gain scholarship, you need to ensure that you follow a format that is in accordance to the industrial trends. In case you are not sure what this is, you can check out the Promotion Recommendation Letters templates that are readily available online. Additionally, here are some tips to help you write a super letter of recommendation.

  • Do away with the standard opening of “To whomsoever it May Concern”. Instead address the person directly.
  • Instead of claiming about the skills of the student include facts that reiterate your claims.
  • The letter should neither be too long nor too short.
  • Break the content into smaller paragraphs.
  • Do not forget to proofread the letter and correct all the errors before mailing it to the person concerned.


You can easily write a recommendation letter using the Letter of Recommendation Samples that various websites offer. This letter can be used to

  • Recommend a student for a scholarship
  • Highlight the student’s strengths and skills
  • Recommend why the student is eligible for the scholarship
  • Gain admission into a prestigious university or a good course

If you are extremely busy you might end up making late delivery.So you should use sample example recommendation templates in word format to help you write the letter. If you don’t know the student well you may fail to convey them as naturally as you should. Also avoid referring people you have low opinion of.

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