Best Rack Card Design Examples for 2017

Using rack cards as an advertising medium is a practice that has been around for decades. But in order to stay relevant in whatever field a business is operating in, they need to continually reinvent their print media marketing strategy and, hence, their rack card design policies. In this article, we have gathered the top rack card design that made waves in 2017. We have also included examples of rack card designs that will continue to dominate rack card template design in future years.

Adventures in Paradise Rack Card Design


Adventures in Paradise is a farm property in Florida, USA that offers a variety of outdoor activities like river tours, a petting zoo, a fish farm, a swamp buggy truck ride, an ATV tour, a dolphin cruise, a haunted farm tour, and horse-riding. Their rack card design sports high quality pictures depicting the top services that they offer. Pictured above is the Nature Cruise Rack Card Design that sports a photo-realistic image of a sea lion swimming toward the reader of the rack card. This card template is also printed back to back, with its reverse side detailing more information about the farm and the tour pricing rates.

Zip-line Laser Tag Rack Card


The Zip-line Laser Tag Rack Card follows the number one rule in rack card design which is to make heads turn. American Obstacle, the company behind this rack card template, makes use of a striking color scheme combined with an engrossing photo of a person about to plummet in a zip-line. If you are into adventure sports or even just a fan of the outdoors, you will find this rack card design intriguing. This design also managed to subtly incorporate their own business logo design into the rack card without overpowering the entire rack card design.

Roboworld Creative Rack Card


The Roboworld Creative Rack Card pictured above is an ingenious innovation of how a rack card should look. This one takes the shape of a robot while still retaining the necessary informational and promotional characteristics of a rack card. The rack card’s cut-out shape also helps convey the purpose of the rack card which is to spread news about a robotics and technology convention. If you want a rack card design that will best showcase your business or the industry that you are in, you may follow this technique and incorporate cut-out elements in your card design. To achieve this rack card look, you may need to manually create a cut-out pattern using either InDesign rack card templates or regular rack card templates.

Jam West Rack Card Design


Jam West Motorsport and Adventure Park is an outdoor sport facility located in Negril, Jamaica. Most of their clients are tourists and a few locals who want to try different outdoor sports like ATV driving and touring, horseback riding, zip-lining, and going on a safari tour. Businesses in the tourism industry like Jam West need to rely on word of mouth as part of their marketing strategy. And to help supplement this approach to customer engagement, firms should not sit on their laurels. Jam West does that by developing a series of print media advertising products, one of which is the Jam West Rack Card Design embedded above.

To achieve this same rack card look in your own rack card design, just remember to always include high quality and real pictures taken of your business, service, or product. Consumer psychology also suggests that using real life customer images (if the customer permits it) and reviews may help in enticing prospective clients.

Oregon Horizontal Rack Card


In 2017, we see the continuing trend of non-adherence to the usual vertical format followed by most rack card templates. Even creators of free rack card templates are following it, too. An example of this is the Oregon Horizontal Rack Card embedded above. There is also no denying that rack cards created now are no longer only used by businesses to further their own interests. This year, more non-profit and government organizations have also learned to create appealing and informative rack card templates that may help them get more funds, volunteers, and donations from the general populace. The propagation of socially relevant rack cards is also beneficial to different sectors of the population who may need the pieces of information that they impart.

If you want your own rack cards to sport a horizontal orientation, that is easy to do with any image editing and compositing program. It may also be best if you follow a brochure layout template to ensure that all the elements in your rack card design are arranged harmoniously.

Professional Rack Card Template


A continuing trend in rack card design that still persists in 2017 is the use of minimalist card designs. As illustrated in the Professional Rack Card Template embedded above, most companies and brands prefer to give their rack cards an uncluttered look by following a two-color scheme, presenting information in bullet format, and using one main image. This type of rack card design may also be seen in professional business card templates and even in corporate event invitation designs.

This type of rack card design may suit companies or individuals who offer their professional services like accountants, bankers, and lawyers. However, if you want your own business to follow the same rack card design format, it will be easy to do so by using any modern rack card templates in PSD, InDesign, or Illustrator file formats.

What rack card design to apply your own rack card template

The few rack card templates shown in this list are only examples of various rack card designs that are being used by real world businesses around the world today. They all incorporate the essential rack card elements that will help them stand out. If you are a business owner, freelancer, or graphic artist who wants to create your own rack card design template, browse through and learn from the examples listed above and from other rack card designs in this site. This way, you will know what works for you, your brand, and your potential customers.

As evidenced by various examples on this list, do not limit yourself to the usual rack card designs. Dare to create something truly original or you’ll never know. Keep on creating and don’t forget to share this article if you found it helpful!

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