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Corporate events are gatherings sponsored by corporations or businesses for its employees, business partners, clients, and prospective clients. They are usually held to create a venue for the members of organization to bond together as well as to train and educate themselves on how to realize and execute the company’s short- and long-term goals.

Planning corporate events is a big task, whether you are an HR personnel tasked to organize the even or a corporate event planner on staff or contract with an event planning agency. Inviting guests for the event is one of the things you have to do, so here are some Invitation Template that you can use to get people interested.

Corporate Retirement Party Invitation Template


Corporate Dinner Invitation Template


Formal Corporate Event Invitation



Corporate Sports Event Invitation



Corporate Team Building Event Invitation



Corporate Bowling Event Invitation



Corporate Family Event Invitation



Common Types of Corporate Events

There are various types of corporate events depending on the kind of organization is holding it and the purpose of the event. Below are some of them:

  • Seminars and conferences. These events are planned for a targeted audience to provide information such as introducing new strategies as well as new ways to reinforce existing ones. They are characterized by keynote speakers and audio-visual elements. (See our Conference Invitation Templates.)
  • Executive retreats and incentive programs. Business executives are given time to talk about business development and organization planning to move the business forward. They are usually done in luxury resorts and exclusive destinations as part of their incentive program.
  • Appreciation events. These are the types of events that employees usually look forward every year. They are held to reward employees and business partners for their hard work and outstanding performances. Employers can spend informal time with their staff in a nontraditional environment.
  • Team building events. Team building events are made to build confidence, goodwill, and morale of a company’s employees, as well as its strengths. The activities are designed to help productivity through team-building exercises that promotes teamwork in the office.

Don’t forget to check out other Event Invitation Template on this page when the event you are undertaking is not listed above.

Corporate Party Event Invitation



Corporate Event Invitation Wording



Corporate Business Event Invitation



Staples of a Corporate Event

Whatever kind of corporate event you are doing, these staples should always be present to reinforce the real reason behind the gathering.

  • Keynote speakers. They can be a known person in the industry that is outside of the company or important people in the company that the members look up to, who gives motivational and inspirational messages.
  • Breakout sessions. A time for relaxation to mingle in smaller groups or do informal exercises in order to form networks among the attendees and build on new and existing relationships.
  • Audio-visual presentations. Mostly used in more formal events, audio and visual elements can enhance the presentation of different topics that need to be discussed. It can be both informative and instructional.
  • Incentives galore. Any gathering requires food, and whether snacks or a sumptuous dinner, it ensures that all attendants are appreciated. Rewards and prizes are also given to exceptional workers.
  • Entertainment. Parties can be optional, but it’s a must if you want to keep your people loyal to the company. Music and sports can provide a backdrop for conversations to turn a dull office atmosphere into a lively one.

More invitation templates for every occasion are available on our website. See our Official Invitation Template, too, if the event you’re holding is a more formal gathering.

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