30 Best Rack Card Templates

Advertising design trends tend to come and go. But one of the most enduring marketing tools is print media. Think newspaper templates, magazines, flyers, brochures, books, rack cards, and a lot more. Before the technological innovations that brought about electronic signboards, the Internet, and social media, the usual way companies used to reach an audience was either through radio or through the printed form. A lot has changed since then, and so has advertising.

Among the various types of print media mentioned earlier, rack cards are perhaps the least familiar. Rack cards, sometimes called brochures, are pieces of printed paper or card stock that are prominently displayed in most business establishments. The following article will provide more information about rack cards, their uses, and how to create your very own rack card templates.

What Are Rack Cards?

Rack cards are printed documents containing informational and/or advertising verbiage. They typically follow a standard size of 4 inches by 9 inches and may also be printed on separate pages or on back-to-back pages. These cards basically make a case for the organization, person, or business establishment that created them. As mentioned earlier, rack cards are best placed in the high traffic areas of stores where potential customers can see them, read them, and then be enticed by the ad enough to purchase the products or services.

Business Rack Card Template


If you want a clean and modern card design, the Business Rack Card Template may be the rack card template that will suit you best. This rack card follows a gray and teal color scheme coupled with a combination of bullet and paragraph style text formatting. And if you prefer to incorporate your own small business logo design into the rack card, you may certainly do so since this template can be edited in InDesign.

Healthcare Rack Card Template


An example of a rack card used in the medical field is the Health Care Rack Card Template. This card design follows the same no-nonsense look of most medical flyers and brochures. The Health Care Rack Card Template needs to maintain that image in order to be taken seriously by any potential readers. The Insurance and Medical Rack Card Templates embedded below are another example of this sub-category in the rack card niche.

Church Rack Card Template


Clinic Rack Card Template


Rack cards are also routinely used in the medical industry as evidenced by the Clinic Rack Card Template pictured above. This example may be used by different physicians who wish to start a private practice. These cards will provide information regarding one’s medical specialty and the services that you offer. What sets this rack card design separate from others in this niche is the lively color scheme it follows. This exudes vitality and competence at the same time.

Corporate Rack Card Template


Market Rack Card Template


Nothing beats a card design that prominently features images relevant to the industry it is in. The Farmers Market Rack Card Template above depicts that using different background designs of fruits and vegetables in watercolor and still life photography. It also helps that the images do not crowd out the market schedules and other information printed on the card design.

Floral Photography Rack Card


Aside from using rack cards to commemorate a wedding, these cards may also be used by the photographers themselves. As shown in the  Floral Photography Rack Card Template above, rack cards may be used as a bigger kind of creative business card for a photographer. It can indicate the different services that he or she may offer and the corresponding price for each service. Photographers may also use the rack card format in order to provide snippets of their photos while other artists may use photos of artwork.

The Gold Drop Wedding Rack Card Template below is another variation of a rack card used as a marketing tool by a photographer or videographer. This card is a further sub-type of the Photography Rack Card Template as it only lists the different services offered by a wedding photographer or videographer.

Wedding Rack Card Template


Beauty Care Rack Card

Beautiful Care Rack Card

The Beauty Care Rack Card Template is a rack card design specifically crafted for businesses in the beauty niche. More specifically, it caters to salon owners, spa owners, and other personal grooming establishments. The Beauty Care Rack Card may double as both an informational tool and a marketing tool to attract more customers.

Uses of Rack Cards

Rack cards are primarily used as a marketing tool. Listed below are various ways you can use a rack card:

How to Create Rack Cards That Stand Out

A good rack card design first begins with a good design template. A designer first needs to nail that original template before he or she can ensure that the entire print run of a rack card order is successful or not.

Here are a few design tips that anyone can follow to ensure that they are creating the best rack card template designs:

Insurance Rack Card Template


Newborn Rack Card Template


Photographers who specialize in customized photography sessions for newborns will greatly benefit from the Newborn Rack Card Template. The card template follows a minimalist card design but somehow still manages to appear cute. The card template already includes the different advertising verbiage that a newborn photographer may need to write in his or her rack card. All you have to do is edit the new information over the old ones and you will have a personalized card. This card template also allows photographers to show any completed photographs as proof of their work. This way, potential customers (typically new moms) can see previous photography sessions that can attest to the photographer’s skills.

Creative Medical Rack Card


Photographer Price List Rack Card


Modern Rack Card Template


As mentioned earlier, rack cards may be used as a tool to inform the public about discounts or offers that a company provides. The Modern Beauty Rack Card Template shown above is an example of that. These card templates may be customized to match the color scheme of your preference. You may also change up discount verbiage, the logo designs, and typography if you deem it necessary.

Wedding Photographer Rack Card


The Wedding Photographer Rack Card pictured above and the Grid Style Photography Rack Card Template below both are examples of a rack card design tailored to attract potential customers for a wedding photographer. These two card designs may be used for the same purpose (as a marketing tool) but their similarity ends there. The former card design best suits those who want to provide prospective customers with a bird’s eye view of the services a photographer offers. The latter card design will suit those who want to showcase both sample shots and an exhaustive list of specific wedding photography packages that they provide.

If you are a photographer looking for a rack card design, you must first determine how you personally want to present information to your customers. If you want all the potential questions of a customer answered just by looking at a rack card, then the Grid Style Photography Rack Card Template may be the right one for you. Also note that some wedding planners will offer wedding card designs that will match your wedding photographs, so it is best to coordinate these services beforehand.

Dinner Show Rack Card Template


A perfect way to advertise about a formal event without sending formal invitation card templates is by using rack cards designed like the Mothers Day Dinner Show Rack Card Template pictured above. Rack cards used as a stand-in for invitation cards cost less while still retaining the same amount of information that a regular invitation card will include. The Mothers Day Dinner Show Rack Card Template has four color variations that you may choose from depending on your chosen event motif. And if you know how to edit PSD layer files, you may even add or remove other design elements.

Modern Business Rack Card


Anniversary Rack Card Template


The Clergy Anniversary and Church Luncheon Rack Card Templates embedded above are other variations of a rack card design. Rack cards are not only meant for giving brochure-like information, they may also be used as an event invitation or programme. The two card templates are available in different color options that you can choose from depending on the look that your organization wishes to achieve. These cards are also available in PSD format so that you may edit the base files at any time you want.

Multipurpose Rack Card Design


The Multipurpose Rack Card Design embedded above may be modified to match the specific industry your business is in. It can be used as Car Rental Rack Card, as a Fitness Gym Rack Card, as a Travel Agency Rack Card, as a Resort Rack Card, or as a Real Estate Rack Card. Ordering this card design will give you access to all of these sample card design variations. The card template is fully customizable with a 3 mm bleed size and follows the CMYK color model. Graphic designers who are looking into creating various rack card designs for different clients may benefit by using this card template since it can be easily modified to match different client needs.

Portfolio Rack Card Template


Grid Style Rack Card Template


Photography Rack Card Template


The Photography Rack Card Template featured above vividly shows a cool and modern approach to rack card designs. The rack card design template featured above is an effective rack card because it follows a design layout that gives importance to the focal images found on each card page. For instance, the card face uses samples of a photographer’s captured images while the card’s back page lists the different services that he or she offers with their corresponding price points. The other photography rack card designs pictured above all sport different variations of how a photography card should look like. Anyone may build upon these card templates and create card designs that will be truly original.

Plumbing Rack Card Design


Bank Rack Card Template


If you are tasked to create a rack card design for a corporate entity, you can be inspired by the look of the Private Bank Rack Card Template featured above. This card design template uses good typography along with excellent image placement. The whole card still looks businesslike without coming off as loud and distracting. Just like credit and debit card designs, a designer needs to use formal design imagery when conceptualizing rack card designs for companies like banks.

Real Estate Rack Card Template


Real estate firms follow a different set of rules for rack card design templates geared for their niche. These rules mostly deal with the accuracy of the information that they include in their rack card designs. For instance, real estate firms need to include photographs that are staged well in order to capture the attention of potential home buyers. In real estate photography, staging a photograph does not imply something shady is going on. It only means that a house, property, or location is presented well before a photograph of it is taken. For inspiration, you may check these beautiful photography shots and try them out so you can enhance your photography skills.

Restaurant Rack Card Template


As mentioned in an earlier part of this article, rack cards can also make for good menu cards. The Restaurant Rack Card Template embedded above can be used as a rack card to help provide information about a specific restaurant. It can also be used as a restaurant menu card and display information about the different dishes that an establishment offers. This rack card is also a printable card design in PSD. This means you can edit the card template on your own if you have the Adobe Photoshop software program.

Tax Service Rack Card Template


Maintaining a good image is one of the core values of any professional consultancy firm. Yet they also need to balance this with their need to advertise their services to potential clients. These firms have to do this without appearing too over eager. That is why their rack card designs often employ a formal layout and two to three color schemes. The Tax Service Rack Card Template is a good example of that. Business owners of companies (and their corresponding graphic designers) need to be very careful in choosing between different rack card designs since one small mistake may result in a loss of credibility.

Spa Resort Rack Card Template

Spa Resort Rack Card Template

Summer Camp Rack Card Template


Rack card designs are not exclusive for targeting adult customers. It may also be used to capture the attention of the younger generation. The Summer Camp Rack Card Template is an example of that. When designing promotional materials for teens and children, one needs to be very conscious of what appeals to young minds. Mostly these can include a lot of colorful designs and cheerful font styles. Just like designing a children’s birthday invitation card design, graphic designers need to engage with their childhood selves in order to determine if something works or not.

Elegant Wedding Rack Card Template


What to Include in a Rack Card

Rack cards primarily serve two purposes: 1) To inform their readers, and 2) To entice readers to purchase, visit, or at patronize a specific business or organization. To achieve these two purposes, rack cards need to include the following pieces of information:

What Rack Card Template to Choose?

Those are the top 30 most irresistible rack card design templates available today. After browsing through them, you may now have selected a sample card design that you like. If you still want to find more choices, feel free to browse through the site as it is filled with other equally appealing design templates. Also remember that when creating rack card designs, your own personal design preferences and even values matter. It is up to you to include these influences in your card design. You never know, that personal design preference may be the one that will help turn your rack card design into a hit in attracting more customers. Happy card-making!