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37+ Birthday Card Templates in PSD

Looking all around us, we find moments in our lives that are very dear to us and that we want to share these with our friends and family. A birthday is probably the most prominent one among all these moments which we think is also the most special day of every person’s life that comes only once every year.During this moment, everyone wants to receive greetings from their loved ones, and the most appropriate way of expressing a birthday wish is through gift-giving. This gift not only reflects the great love from the person giving the gift to the person celebrating the sample birthday but also fulfills some of that person’s desires in most cases.

There are many options in terms of birthday gifts that we can present to our loved ones, and the easiest of which is in the form of birthday cards.A birthday card is not just a small piece of printed paper or hand-painted card because it holds a lot of importance and meaning behind it. Traditionally, it has been a medium to express love, affection, care, and lot more emotions to our friends or family members who are celebrating their birthday.

These cards provide a gentle way to express the well-wished towards the receiver in the most appropriate way.Everyone loves to receive a birthday card, either through the mail or personally by hand. The modern world might have other communication mediums such as text messages, email, chat, and others. However, the practice of using birthday cards has never stopped and people still love using it. The first and foremost reason in using cards is the simplicity in expressing the feelings.To invite your loved ones to celebrate with you, check out these Birthday Dinner Invitations you might be interested in.

Modern Birthday Invitation Card

modern birthday invitation card
File Format
  • Photoshop

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Happy Birthday Invitation Card Template

happy birthday invitation card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages
  • Outlook

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Happy Birthday Greeting Card Template

happy birthday greeting card template
File Format
  • Photoshop

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Birthday Invitation Postcard Template

birthday invitation postcard template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages
  • Outlook

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed

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Birthday Photo Thank You Card Template

birthday photo thank you card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed

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Birthday Postcard Template

birthday postcard template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed

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First Birthday Invitation Card Template

first birthday invitation card template
File Format
  • Photoshop

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Free Birthday Card in PSD

Free Happy Birthday Card

free happy birthday card Download Now

Free Birthday Invitation Card

free birthday invitation card Download Now

Free Vintage Birthday Card

free vintage birthday card

Happy Birthday Card in PSD

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

happy birthday greeting card

Happy Birthday Gift Card

happy birthday gift card

Frozen Happy Birthday Card

frozen happy birthday card

Kids Birthday Card in PSD

Kids First Birthday Card

kids first birthday card

Kids Birthday Invitation Card

kids birthday invitation card

Kids Happy Birthday Card

kids happy birthday card

What Is a Birthday? (If You’re Living under a Rock)

A birthday is defined as a celebration of the anniversary day on which a person was born, and this is typically treated as a special occasion in which a party is held and there is a giving of gifts.

Though initially seen by the Christians as a celebration of false gods, they too eventually practiced birthday celebrations after acknowledging the birth of Jesus Christ. Different countries celebrate birthdays differently, and some vary slightly while others vary significantly.

Regardless of culture or religion, birthdays are days in which people are happy and appreciative for being able to reach another year in life.

The History of Birthdays

Birthday Parties

During the ancient times, the Egyptians looked at pharaohs as leaders who would transform from being a regular person to a divine entity once they are crowned. The Egyptians considered this transformation from human to god as their rebirth, which was treated as something much more important than their actual date of conception into the world. This coronation and transformation was then honored every year and was considered as the earliest form of birthday celebrations, one of the first recorded birthday celebration dating back to the 3,000 BCE.

Birthday Cakes

In ancient Greece, Artemis was the goddess of hunting, as well as the moon, and her twin brother, Apollo, was god of the sun. It is said that cakes brought to the temple of Artemis were in the shape of a moon and adorned with candles to make them glow like the moon. Many ancient cultures and many religions also believed that smoke was a means to carry prayers up to the gods, and it is possible that this idea is the basis for our modern practice of making a wish when blowing the candles.

Blowing Out Birthday Candles

Another possible theory behind the blowing of birthday candles is it was seen as a response to the evil spirits since they showed up to communicate with the gods, the light in the darkness.

And for the Germans, they celebrated with birthday candles lit on top of their cakes. There would be one candle lit corresponding to each year of the celebrant’s life on earth, and this was placed to symbolize the light of life. The celebrant would then blow out these candles and make a wish.

Birthday Song

“Happy Birthday to You” song had its origins in 1893 when Mildred Hill, a kindergarten teacher in Louisville, Kentucky, put together a simple little tune. It is unsure as to what inspired her to write the song, but when her younger sister, Patty, who was also a teacher, added the words, the groundwork was laid for a very pleasing song that they called “Good Morning to All.”

Good morning to you,
Good morning to you.
Good morning, dear children,
Good morning to all.

“Good Morning to All” was initially intended, and used, as a welcoming song to be sung by the teacher to the class each morning. But when it was published later in 1893, in a book of songs for kindergartens, it proved to be more popular in reverse, in which the children sang it to their teachers, and the words “dear children” was then replaced by “dear teacher.”

Years after the “Good Morning to All” song became widely recognized and were sung by almost all children around the US, the lyrics slowly deviated from its original form to the now known “Happy Birthday to You.” It is still unclear who changed the lyrics to the song, but it was first published on a book in 1924.

Although the “Happy Birthday to You” song has only four short musical phrases and a single repetitive line of words, it has become a part of the musical landscape, and it is sung all over the world in many languages.

What Are Some Cultural Birthday Practices around the World?

Mexico and the Piñatas

The piñata, which is usually made out of paper mâché and in the form of an animal, is filled with candies, chocolates, and other sweets, and hung from the ceiling. The birthday child is then blindfolded and hits the piñata with a long wooden object until it is cracked open and all the treats inside spill out. The children would then grab as much treats as they can before it runs out.

Russian Birthday Pies

Instead of the commonly known birthday cake, many Russian children receive a birthday pie with a birthday greeting carved into the crust.

Noodles for Lunch in China

The birthday child pays respect to their parents and receives a gift in the form of money. Friends and relatives are then invited to lunch and noodles are served to wish the birthday child a long life.

Flying Flags for Denmark

A flag is flown outside a window to designate that someone who lives in that house is having a birthday. Presents are placed around the celebrant’s bed while they are sleeping so they will see them immediately once they wake up.

Don’t Pull My Earlobe, Argentina!

The birthday child receives a pull on the earlobe for each year they have been alive, much like the reason behind birthday cakes.

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Birthday Invitation Card in PSD

Birthday Party Invitation Card

birthday party invitation card

1st Birthday Invitation Card

st birthday invitation card

Birthday Greeting Card in PSD

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

happy birthday greeting card

Funny Birthday Greeting Card

funny birthday greeting card

Photo Birthday Greeting Card

photo birthday greeting card

Free Birthday Greeting Card

free birthday greeting card Download Now

Birthday Gift Card in PSD

Happy Birthday Gift Card

happy birthday gift card

Birthday Gift Thank You Card

birthday gift thank you card

Funny Birthday Gift Card

funny birthday gift card

Free Birthday Gift Card

free birthday gift card Download Now

Vintage Birthday Card in PSD

Vintage Birthday Invitation Card

vintage birthday invitation card

Free Vintage Birthday Card

free vintage birthday card Download Now

Vintage 21st Birthday Card

vintage 21st birthday card

What Is a Birthday Card?

A birthday card is an illustrated card that features an expression of birthday greetings for someone celebrating their birthday. Like birthday cards, there are also other kinds of cards made for other special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s, and other holidays, and these were collectively referred to as greeting cards.

Birthday cards, just like any other greeting card, are usually packaged with an envelope and come in a variety of styles. While typically inexpensive, more elaborate cards with die-cuts or glued-on decorations may be more expensive than regular ones.

Where Did the Birthday Card Come From?

Birthday cards is said to be over a hundred years old already. Though there is no actual record to tell us who sent or received the first birthday card, but it was said that the tradition of sending birthday cards began in England around a century ago. During those times, people used to personally greet a person on a birthday, but when a well-wisher was unable to do so they would send a birthday card instead. Because of this, birthday cards were more like an apology for the wisher’s absence to personally greet the birthday celebrant at that time.

The history of greeting cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese who are said to have started the tradition of sending goodwill messages on the New Year. Early Egyptians too are believed to have made greeting cards out of used papyrus scrolls to convey messages of goodwill to their loved ones. During early 1400s, the tradition of exchanging handmade paper greeting cards was developed in Europe while Germans at that time were known to have printed New Year’s greetings cards from woodcuts.

The advancement in printing technology besides introduction of postage stamps in the 1850s helped to make greeting cards faster and more affordable. It’s no wonder they became such a popular means of personal communication.

What Is the Significance of Birthday Cards?

Birthday Cards are an important means of communicating good wishes and love to a person celebrating their birthday. They carry a personal touch that makes them even more endearing and very special. Emotionally charged cards help to convey feelings of love that most people find difficult to express. To cater to the increasingly growing and varied demands, card manufacturers make multitude of designer cards to depict a variety of emotions from sentimental to humorous.

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1st Birthday Card in PSD

Frozen Birthday Card in PSD

Frozen Disney Birthday Card

disney frozen birthday card

Frozen Birthday Invitation Card

frozen birthday invitation card

Baby Birthday Card in PSD

Baby Birthday Invitation Card

baby birthday invitation card

Birthday Card Layout in PSD

Free Birthday Card Layout

free birthday card layout Download Now

Birthday Invitation Card Layout

birthday invitation card layout

Birthday Greeting Card Layout

birthday greeting card layout

Funny Birthday Card in PSD

Funny Happy Birthday Card

funny happy birthday card

Funny Birthday Greeting Card

funny birthday greeting card

Funny Photo Birthday Card

funny photo birthday card

How Do You Make Birthday Cards?

Gather All Your Materials and Supplies

It’s always helpful to have all your supplies prepared in front of your before you begin your project. This way you can stay focused without the unnecessary interruptions that would otherwise occur as you had to search for new materials.

Make a Sketch of Your Design Using Pencil and Paper

Making a rough sketch of your design may seem time consuming at first, but in the long run, it may actually conserve you a lot of time since this will serve as your guide. When you are taking your design to the computer, you already know what to incorporate in your design using your guide which makes the entire process flow smoothly.

Proceed to Designing Your Card on the Computer

Now that you have made your rough sketch of your birthday card, bring it up a notch by designing it digitally on the computer. This step will become less stressful only if you were able to make a sketch. But you may also make a few alterations to your initial design once you are on this stage.

Print Your Card on High-Quality Card Stock

After your done with all the designing and editing, prepare your printer and card stock, and have your birthday card design printed. Also, make sure your printer is set to print on the best quality so we can fully appreciate the vibrant colors of the design.

Optional: Add Personal Touches and Details on Your Printed Output

If you’re still not very contented with how your birthday card looks, then you may also add some personal touches by hand, such as the addition of glitters or other shiny decorations to further enhance the design of your birthday card.

Why Download our Birthday Card Templates?

These templates were selected from among the best ones on the internet, and were designed by creative and talented graphic artists worldwide. You may be able to download these templates easily for a very reasonable price, and you can choose to save it in different formats such as PSD, AI, or EPS depending on which format works best for you. These templates are fully editable and are compatible with most photo editing software available to provide you with ease during the editing phase, wherein you can make all the customizations necessary for your personalized birthday card.

How to Use our Templates?

Open our website and search for the birthday card template that you wish to use (for easier navigation, click on the magnifying glass icon found on the upper right-hand corner of the page and type the title or part of the template’s title). Download your chosen template by clicking on the green Download button below the thumbnail and save it on your computer. Open the template file on a photo editing software and make your modifications and personal touches. Once you’re done editing, save the finished product back to your computer and it is now ready for printing, just make sure you are using high-quality card stock to keep the quality of your birthday card at its best.

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