6+ Micro Sim Card Templates – PSD, EPS

Apple users find it easy to make micro sim available since the guide provided in the template shows the way sim is cut down to turn it into micro sim. Tutorials on the web show various ways by which you can transform sim into micro sim. In Sympathy Card Templates you can design and put in any message that you feel like sending across.

micro sim card template

Computer Memory Card & Micro SIM Card Template

computer memory card sim card template
This computer memory card and micro SIM card template has shapes of different SD cards and USB devices that can be downloaded in both word and excel formats. You can download it to select the size in which your SIM card has to be cut to fit into a given slot

Micro SIM Card Holder & iPad Tool – $4.78

micro sim card holder ipad tool
This simple micro SIM card holder and iPad tool can be used to hold up to four SIM cards of normal or micro size. It is designed in a size that can perfectly fit your wallet or purse

How to Cut your Own Micro-SIM Card

how to cut your own micro sim card
This template has instructions so you cut your own SIM card in micro size without the need to go to a mobile store. It also has picture of the perfect size so that you can measure it before cutting and avoid any mistake

PSD Micro Sim Card Mockup

psd micro sim card mockup
This micro SIM mockup template is available in PSD and EPS format. This template has the advantage of including the full card that you want to choose and then you can customize the card according to your preference

MicroSIM Card to NanoSIM Cutting Guide

microsim card to nanosim cutting guide
This micro SIM card to NanoSIM cutting guide template can be downloaded for free in PDF format. It has all the necessary instructions required to cut a SIM card to any given size

MiniSIM to MicroSIM & NanoSIM Cutting Guide

minisim to microsim nanosim cutting guide
This MiniSIM to MicroSIM and NanoSIM cutting guide template is available in PDF format. This template has descriptions of cutting micro and nano SIM cards with pictures to guide you

A4 How to Make MicroSIM from Usual SIM Card & Convert Back

how to make microsim from usual sim card convert back

The templates can look like small labels which you can print and use. Downloading of the Card Templates makes your task easy since you do not have to make a new template. It creates awareness for those who use phones with micro sim.