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Planning to work in the real estate industry? This is actually a good career to choose if you are a highly determined person and you are skilled at sales talking. But there will always be hits and misses when it comes to businesses, and you should always be adaptable to those misses in order to learn from them. But in real estate, high rewards come if you successfully close deals, and this is something that you should look forward to.

What are the advertisement tools that you can use with real estate? Some of the most widely used ones include brochures and rack cards, but in this article, let’s focus more on the latter. Here, we have gathered various real estate rack card template and designs for you to look into and download. But if you are still considering using brochures, then you may also want to check out our article about real estate brochures.

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Free Real Estate Rack Card Template

free real estate rack card template
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Dream Houses Real Estate Rack Card

dream houses real estate rack card

Beautiful Real Estate Rack Card

beautiful real estate rack card

Keep your real estate rack card clean and easy on the eyes with this minimalist rack card template. When it comes to graphic design, you should learn to love white space since it helps in making your design organized and presentable. But considering the limited amount of space that you can use with rack cards, make sure that you are already able to write down the need information that you want to convey to your prospect before utilizing white space.

What Is a Rack Card? How Are They Used?

A rack card is basically a promotional tool that is printed in full color and are placed on a rack or display case for people to pick up from. Sound almost similar to brochures? It’s because they work almost as similar. Probably the main difference between rack cards and brochure templates is the way they are prepared, wherein rack cards are only a third of a letter-sized piece of paper or card stock and brochures are of the same size, but are folded once or twice to divide the entire paper into different panels.

Rack card designs are being used by almost any form of business or organization, and they are used by being placed on a shelf-like display. These rack displays are then being placed in public places or in lobbies, trade show venues, and waiting areas where many people flock. Also, rack cards are commonly seen in hotels, restaurants, airports, or any place that people usually stop when traveling or in between trips.

Considering that rack cards are not actually handed manually by the advertiser to their prospects, but rather placed in a specific location and just waiting to be picked up by passersby, you should do what it takes for your rack card to really attract people’s attention. If you are able to pull this off effectively, your rack cards can fully entice people to pick up a copy for themselves, which is already one step to getting your message across.

Simple Real Estate Rack Card

simple real estate rack card

If you wish to include a lot of elements onto your rack card design while still retaining an organized look, then you may use a college theme to arrange the different elements, just like how the rack card template above did with its design. This way, even with the minimal amount of white space used on the design, this rack card still looks clean and presentable.

Sample Real Estate Agency Rack Card

sample real estate agency rack card

Important Elements to Make the Most Out of Your Rack Cards?

1. As we have mentioned earlier, rack cards should be attractive enough to really lure people into picking up a copy, and this is just one of the challenges. Your card may not be alone on the display shelf, there may also be other rack cards from other small business, and you will really need to exert a lot of effort in order to stand out. The best thing to do here is to choose attention-grabbing colors, typography, and images or illustrations. And when using these elements, make sure to go with high-quality ones to really draw people in.

2. Don’t fill your rack card with just a list of what you have to offer or what satisfied customers have to say from your products or services—you can actually do that with brochures—rather, focus on telling the reader what they can expect from your products or services. Since rack cards only allow you to use one or two sides of a 3.5″ by 8.5″ paper or card stock, you shouldn’t waste any of that space provided and should be straightforward with what you intend to convey. Some of the most important details to include aside from the features are the incentives and the benefits, and if you have coupons or vouchers to offer, include them as well so that readers will hold on to your rack card. You may also see hotel & holiday rack cards.

3. What are advertising tools without a call to action? They are virtually useless. If you want to advertise something to the public, you should really make it personal and sincere by actually letting the reader know that you are expecting them to get a hold of you. A call to action will inform prospects that if ever they’re interested in what you have to offer, then you can freely reach out to you using the contact details provided on the rack card.

4. And speaking of contact details, make it convenient to your prospects by providing alternative ways of contacting you if in case they don’t have access to any phone or whatsoever. These alternatives include a small map that leads to your store or office, email address, fax numbers, street address, you may even want to include the business hours for those who intend on visiting you personally.

Sale Properties Real Estate Rack Card

sale properties real estate rack card

Metro Theme Real Estate Rack Card

metro theme real estate rack card

The reason why we referred to this template as metro-themed is because of its appearance which is inspired by the metro theme from Microsoft Windows. Basically, this theme involves tiles or squares that are arranged in an organized manner. And for this template, the tiles are being used to display thumbnail images of the properties. You may also see dental rack card templates.

Minimal Real Estate Rack Card

minimal real estate rack card

What Do Real Estate Professionals Do?

Basically, real estate professionals handle real estate property tasks, and this is by serving as a middle-man or an intermediary agent between a client who wishes to sell their property and a client who is looking for a property to buy. They gather preferences and data from both sellers and buyers, and find ways that these data are met halfway. Doing this allows them to narrow down the choices between the two parties, and the agent can then present the clients with the narrowed down choices. You may also see restaurant rack card templates.

Aside from just handling transactions between clients, real estate professionals also look into the real estate market and the activities that occurred during the previous day. These activities inform them with regards to the real estate properties that have been sold, the new ones listed, changes with regards to the price, and other information. They will need to do this regularly especially if they are handling clients who are looking for properties to buy because they can keep the client updated and they might want to look at other possible options.

Project Management Real Estate Rack Card

project management real estate rack card

Help your clients find the home of their dreams, and let them know that you are willing to do it using the rack card template above. The design on this rack card effectively balances its use of dark and light tones, which is perfect for creating a variety between the two sides of the card stock, just make sure to use a contrasting color for the elements to make them legible. You may also see hospital rack card designs.

Open House Real Estate Rack Card

open house real estate rack card

What Are the Differences Between a Real Estate Broker and a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate brokers and agents have an almost similar set of roles and responsibilities, which include taking care of deals between property sellers and property buyers, placing properties in the real estate market, and looking into these markets to provide clients with options. But there is actually a distinct difference between the two, and it revolves around their educational attainment. You may also see real estate rack cards.

With brokers, they have undergone an extensive amount of education and are actually licensed after being able to pass a licensure examination. Because of their license and educational attainment, brokers are able to work independently or they can also hire agents or salespeople to work for them. The examinations that real estate brokers take are more difficult than those for agents, and their knowledge in real estate is also a lot broader. You may also see card designs in PSD.

Real estate agents, on the other hand, are also licensed real estate professionals but are not allowed to work independently, they will need to be hired by brokers in order to perform their tasks. Though it may vary between states or countries with regards to the roles and responsibilities of real estate agents, the brokers are generally responsible for all the actions of their actions and the latter will need supervision from the former. You may also see business rack cards.

Factory House Real Estate Rack Card

factory house real estate rack card

Creative Real Estate Rack Card

creative real estate rack card

Here’s a good InDesign rack card template that you would want to use if you want a lot of white space while also adding a touch of colors onto the design. With rack cards, it’s all about providing prospects with only the necessary details, and the template above does that effectively using a minimalist theme.

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